Masumi Black Friday Sales 2019

The Masumi Headwear Black Friday Sale is finally here and we some very exciting news to reveal! This year we have a very special offer to get you into the festive spirit…

To give thanks to our incredibly loyal customers, we will be offering up to 70% off all our winter styles! This offer will be available the whole weekend (29th November-1st December). Additionally, a Masumi Headwear winter hat makes a fantastic Christmas present so consider treating yourself and your loved ones to a fantastic gift that will undoubtedly be cherished.

If you don’t already own one of our exclusive winter hats, now is your chance! As the days are getting shorter and there are fewer hours of sunlight, keeping warm becomes so essential. Those of you with hair loss will know that the winter months can be particularly hard to keep warm. So, having a stylish and insulating winter hat to rely on is an effective way to combat this change in temperature and seasons.

Masumi Headwear winter hats are exceptionally soft and are made with a comforting fleece. To ensure you are kept well insulated and snug during the colder months of the year. They come in a variety of gorgeous colours from festive maroons to snowy whites that blend in with snowy surroundings.

Ari White worn in France on a skiing holiday

Masumi Black Friday Sales 2019

Choose from an attractive array of different designs: Florence features fabulous crotchet, Anja has a stunning and sophisticated pattern, Michelle, offers further protection from the sun rain and snow by means of its stylish cap. Ava’s fun and playful pompom adds a modern twist, Olivia has a regal edge by means of its ribbed design. Cindy features elegant diamond cables, whereas Bianca showcases a gorgeous ribbed brim.

Whether you are sipping on mulled wine perusing Christmas markets or travelling to a from get-togethers, nice warm winter hat from Masumi Headwear will be by your side through this jubilant time of year. Click to see our winter collection!

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