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Why Bamboo Fabric is Great for Headwear

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As a bamboo headwear supplier, we are proud of our choice to focus on the softest fabric we can use for our customers.
When we think of bamboo, we may picture it in the mouths of panda bears, contentedly chomping on it out in the wild. This is not a surprising association seeing as bamboo makes up 99% of a panda’s diet. But apart from being edible, this fascinating fibrous plant can, in fact, be turned into a gorgeous, organic fabric.
Here at Masumi, we have firm beliefs in ethical and sustainable values. Thus many of our products are made using bamboo fabric. We would love to share the incredible properties of bamboo fabric and why it is such an awesome material!

Is Bamboo fabric sustainable?

Bamboo fabric is an eco-friendly, organic and sustainable material. It takes up little land when being farmed and grows fast. The re-growth of new shoots occurs once the bamboo has been cut
Did you know that bamboo is classed as a woody perennial evergreen plant? It is the only grass with the ability to become a forest.

Bamboo Headwear

There are various reasons why bamboo fabric is particularly beneficial in headwear. Bamboo fabric is very comfortable. For headwear, this is important as it has direct contact with the scalp which can be irritated by harsher material. The fabric feels delightfully soft on the scalp, is breathable, and lightweight. Additionally, Bamboo fabric has thermal properties. It can be worn all year round. For example, in warm weather, it cools you down, whereas in cold weather it keeps you warm as it is insulating. Moreover, bamboo fabric features antiperspirant properties and is hypoallergenic. You can see how bamboo fabric is made in the video below;

Our styles – Bamboo Headwear

Masumi bamboo products are extra comfortable as they are created with double layering. No stitches will cause any inconvenience to your scalp. So, as well as stylish, our bamboo products are comfortable and practical!
Masumi’s signature Yanna style is made using a bamboo hat. We paired our designs with an elegant scarf that is silky smooth and pleasing to touch. You may find over 25 styles to choose from. The designs are dynamic and can be styled in many ways, leaving plenty of room for you to add your own flare!
If hats are more your style, Ellie and Asha may spark your interest. Ellie features fantastic folds whereas Asha has a lovely inbuilt scarf. Take a look at our entire Bamboo collection.

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