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Chemo Hat Buying Guide

Buying Guide for Chemo Headwear


Looking for the perfect chemo headwear can be a difficult job but fear not, we have compiled a chemo hat buying guide for you. Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one we will go through what is sought after in these types of hats so you can make a better decision!

What is a Chemo Hat?
What makes a good chemo hat?

A chemo hat is headwear designed specifically for chemotherapy patients in mind. They are typically made of gentle fabric not to irritate the scalp and the good ones have no stitching inside for this same reason. Since chemo hats are worn for long durations, they are designed not to put pressure on the ears.

So yes, any hat can be used by cancer or chemo patients but there are certain fabric properties that are sought after which are kinder to the comfort of the patient.

Chemo Beanies, likewise are just like regular beanies except chemo beanies are made of softer fabric while also keeping the head warm. Like all chemo headwear, they are designed not to put pressure on the ears so it can be worn all day. (The good ones anyway!)

Knowing these, great choices would be; organic bamboo hats and delicate super soft cotton, you can rest assured your head is getting the VIP treatment, whilst looking great at the same time. You want something which provides comfort and the perfect coverage but still helps you look stylish.

Looking for something seasonal?

Our chemo hat buying guide can help you pick something based on the season.

For something fun and outgoing our Silkyline styles such as Primrose to make the most of the summer. It should be noted that hats for chemotherapy patients need to be extra protective during sunny days. Look for chemo hats with UPF sun protection.

If you are looking for something glamorous for those special occasions you might like our 2 styles Jewel or Diamond. For those who like to keep fit, look for exercise chemo hats for hair loss.

For winter, you can have a look at our winter chemo hats collection which includes beanies as well. You want something that can keep you warm whilst being gentle on the skin.


One of the features of our bamboo chemo hats is that it adjusts to the temperature of the body, so when you get hot, it cools you down and warms you up when you are cold. As well as that all our headwear has been made with two layers to cover the stitching inside the cap for extra comfort.

If you are not sure, consider chemo sleep caps or gift cards

If you’re looking for a present for a loved one and still aren’t sure what to get, a less risky present would be a chemo night caps.  It’s common for those undergoing chemo to use chemo night caps. These let the skin breathe while the wearer gets nice comfy rest. This option would be a safer choice, which provides utility and comfort at night. Alternatively, you can get them a gift card which will let them pick what they like from our range.

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