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How To Use Your Headwear as a Face Mask | Fight COVID-19!

Disclaimer: While you can use headwear as a face mask, always use proven methods to protect yourself from COVID-19, while there are several discussions on whether or not fabric masks help protect users from the virus, using the techniques provided throughout this article may provide temporary protection for those currently without a surgical mask or an N95 mask.


Using headwear to fight COVID-19


Would you like to learn a simple trick that can help reduce the exposure of coronavirus? It feels fabulous and increases your stylishness tenfold.

Up until now, the importance of hand hygiene has never been more in the public’s consciousness. As a result, many forms of sanitizer have never been more in demand.

Due to the outbreak, governments across the world have enforced various measures to prevent the spread. Therefore, much can be learned from a country showing signs of the virus slowing down.

Let’s start by examining an eastern European country, formerly known as Czechoslovakia, and where Pilsner beer originated. Can you hazard a guess?

It is, of course, the Czech Republic.

There the spread of the virus has significantly slowed down. Like other countries, they are following similar rules including following social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using sanitizers and staying home. However, there is one key difference that sets them apart from others. When leaving the house, everyone must wear a face-mask.

Are face-masks effective?

You may have heard considerable skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of face-masks (these include surgical, N95 Respirators, or cloth masks). Very often we are fed so many opposing views it’s hard to know where you stand. So, let’s clear some things up.

Face-masks are proven to provide partial protection. Most importantly, they serve the use of protecting the transmission from you (via breathing, sneezing, coughing) to those around you.

· Data shows population-wide use of face masks is crucial to suppression of the outbreak

· They may catch up to 100% of your potentially infected micro-droplets

· Able to reduce the exposure of the virus

· Can repress the infection

Darya Chemo Headwear as a Face Mask

That said we would like to introduce you to Darya, our latest chemo headscarf. Typical of Masumi products, it is very versatile. It has many uses, one of which is as a stylish face-mask (demonstrated in the image).

It features double-layered cotton which provides a snug, soft, and comfortable fit. In turn, this acts as a useful cloth face covering.
We also encourage wearing the style as a snood scarf, for instance, while driving to the supermarket. Once there, tug the edge up to cover your face, ensuring there are no gaps. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water or sanitizer before wearing and avoid touching while out and about.

headwear as a face mask 2

Washing Darya is straightforward: Either set the washing machine to a low temperature or wash by hand. We are offering a wide selection of shades. Choose from Black, Navy, Grey, Red Rose, Green Forest, Blue Ocean, or Champagne.
Our functional style is a worthwhile investment. Apart from making a fantastic face mask, it also can be fashioned as a turban, headband, and even a hijab!

Darya in style Hijab

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