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A little about me: I am 35 years old. I have Alopecia Areata (Universalis), which is hair loss caused by my immune system. I have had full body hair loss since 2015, and I am now proud of my wee bald head! (I never thought I would say this!
Alopecia to me was difficult to start, and a really tough journey. I will talk more about all of my emotions and the likes as time moves on. For now, I wanted to introduce myself to you. Alopecia felt like a real curse to me initially. However, now I feel it is honestly one of the biggest blessings of my life! I was introduced to MASUMI in January (2017), and can honestly say that it has been life-changing to me! I will blog about this in my next wee posting for all of you! MASUMI is more than just headwear – it is a brand to be so excited by! I am so excited! I hope that you guys will be too!
What I do want to say just now……. if you have hair loss, whether it is post-medical treatment, hormonal, autoimmune, or any other reason – I want to tell you something….. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You are! Hair-loss can be overwhelming, and a real challenge to face emotionally. Hair does not define you, but the loss of identity you can feel can be tremendous at times. Alopecia can never take away your beauty! I PROMISE YOU!
I hope my blogs are helpful and help you to feel as beautiful as you are, and others see you – even when you do not feel that within yourself. You are truly special and do not forget that. Remember too – all of your emotions are valid and allowed! You are allowed to grieve the loss of your hair. You are allowed to feel that the loss is unfair, upsetting, angering. You can also move through these emotions, and come out the other side feeling acceptance. It is a journey, and whilst I am not physically with you guys – I am here to hold your hand through your journeys in any way that I can!
Thanks for reading, guys! Sending you all of my love, and I look forward to speaking here to you guys soon. Loads of love, Michelle x

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