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Best Cloth Face Masks To Buy

Disclaimer: We have put reasonable effort into put together a guide to pick the best cloth face mask for you. However, due to very frequent developments regarding the outbreak always check for updates to ensure you make the healthiest decisions. Use proven methods to protect yourself from COVID-19. Continue social distancing, washing hands, and using sanitizer. Be cautious of feeling a false sense of security while wearing a face mask.


Guide: Why choose a Cloth face mask?

There has been much debate on whether face-masks are effective. So, to clear things up:

  • Face-masks provide partial protection
  • Protect your transmission (via breathing, sneezing, coughing) to those around you
  • Population-wide use of face masks is crucial to the suppression of the outbreak
  • Face-masks can catch up to 100% of your micro-droplets
  • Can reduce the exposure of the virus
  • Can repress the infection

How to choose the Best Cloth Face Mask

First, make sure you choose the right material like organic cotton. This is one of the best materials for blocking large particles, according to research. Additionally, this provides a comfortable experience. Also, a mask must allow breathing with ease. Plus, a washable and reusable face mask is more eco-friendly than disposable ones. A face mask must provide a snug fit and leave no gaps. As well, a filter insert is very important. You can have a look at our cloth face masks here, it comes with a free filter, adjustable earloop, you can choose between turquoise or flower-patterned masks.

(Product shown: Medical Surgical Face Masks – Turquoise variant)

Your face mask should be compact and lightweight. It is a practical item to own during this critical time. Finally, a face-mask should also protect from small particles like pollen

and dust. Also, from bacteria, smog, passive smoking, haze, and vehicle exhaust.

The increase in face-masks worldwide

Face masks, like sanitizer, have never been more in demand. It’s fair to say that since the virus, they have become somewhat of a desired commodity. Face masks now have unprecedented importance in many societies.

As it stands:

  • Over 50 countries all over the world have made the use of face-masks mandatory
  • Some nations have even introduced fines for disobeyers. For example, in German fines range between €25 to €10,000
  • Also, with many airlines, air passengers and crew must now use face masks when flying

~Face mask usage in Europe~

On 18th March, the Czech Republic became the first European country to enforce face masks. This rule applies when leaving the house. Since then, various other European countries followed suit. These countries adopted similar laws. They include:

  • Slovakia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Spain

In England and Scotland, the advice is to use face coverings.

The evolution of face masks

Face masks have been around for centuries and have served many purposes. For instance, plague doctors used them in 17th century Europe. Then, in the 19th century, there was a dust issue. So, women’s dresses had veils integrated into them. In turn, this provided protection.

After the Second World War, there was a huge pollution problem. So, smog masks became common in Britain. Later on, countries such as India and China also began to suffer from high pollution rates. Thus, face masks became popular as smog protection. Face masks have also become a modern fashion accessory. In 2010 Alexander Mcqueen produced a designer range of face masks.


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