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What is Amazon Pay? The handy feature explained

Did you know you can now use Amazon pay for wigs, headwear, and other accessories on our site? Amazon Pay allows Amazon users to pay swiftly. It uses the information already stored in their Amazon account. In turn, this creates a familiar and convenient buying experience.

Amazon Pay is a feature that first launched in 2007. Since then, it has served millions of Amazon customers worldwide.

In this guide you’ll learn:

-What are the benefits of using Amazon Pay?

-How to use Amazon Pay

-Final thoughts

Amazon Pay

What are the benefits of using Amazon Pay?

Are you tired of creating new logins and remembering old passwords? Well, this is when Amazon Pay comes in handy.


The main advantage of Amazon Pay is it enables greater ease. It allows Amazon users to check out with the click of a finger. You use the same login. Hence, there is no longer the need to create a new account. Or, enter in personal information such as your name, address or payment details. Yet, most importantly, it is a secure system! So, what is there not to like?! Use Amazon Pay to buy goods, services, and make donations on third-party websites and in apps. Plus, you can even use Alexa.

How to use Amazon Pay

Using Amazon Pay is very straightforward. You can use Amazon pay for wigs, headwear, and any product sold on this site.


  1. Select the items you wish to buy
  2. When you see the Amazon button displayed, click it
  3. Log in with your Amazon details
  4. Confirm your shipping address and method of payment, and voila!


Amazon Pay uses previously-stored address books and payment details. Thus, there is no need to enter this information. You can have a look at Amazon Pay FAQs for more in-depth information.

Final Thoughts

Here at Masumi Headwear, we like to put our customers first. Hence, we want to offer a hassle-free, convenient shopping experience.

So, we have decided to integrate Amazon Pay onto our site. So, now select your favorite styles and click on the Amazon Pay button to buy. Finally, happy shopping!

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