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Masumi Headwear’s 5 top milestones to date! – Get to know Masumi Headwear

This post has been verified by Ali Nowroozi

To celebrate reaching the 5-year mark, we decided to count down our top 5 milestones to date. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to spill the beans on our latest venture stateside!



The milestone’s we cover are:

  1. NHS headwear supplier – We supply the National Health Service in the UK with headwear
  2. The Teenage Cancer Trust – We work with and support The Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK
  3. Top 100 Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018
  4. BBC Radio Manchester 2019
  5. “Born in the USA” – USA launch 2020 – And we are now available in the United States!



Masumi Headwear started as a one man’s vision. We first launched in 2015. Consistently, our business strives to inspire people living with hair loss. In the past five years, it has expanded to become a close-knit team reaching a global community. For example, we now have distributors in the USA, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Chile. Plus, it supplies to customers in Germany, Greece, and Mexico. Naturally, we are proud that so many people around the world wear our headwear. Also, our customers feel confident wearing these designs.

We feel pleased to see our beloved Masumi Headwear go from strength to strength. That said, we have some exciting news to share with you. Read on to find out more.


1. NHS headwear supplier


One of our proudest achievements, no doubt, was becoming the No.1 NHS headwear supplier! We feel honored to supply to people who need it the most.NHS England logo


2. The Teenage Cancer Trust


In 2017, we launched a collection exclusive to children and teenagers. This launch was in partnership with the Teenage Cancer Trust. A core belief is that headwear should be accessible to everyone. Hence, we are proud to produce styles for children and teenagers.


masumi chemo hats teenage cancer trust


3. Top 100 Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018


In 2018, our business was voted Top 100 Most Innovative Company of the Year in 2018 by BQ and Business Growth Hub. It is rewarding to be recognized by such a reputable body.


4. BBC Radio Manchester 2019


In 2019, our founder, Ali Nowroozi, shared his inspiring story on BBC Radio Manchester.



He spoke about his time in the wig industry. While doing so, he realized the vulnerability of cancer patients. At the time, he only saw unexciting headwear designs. Additionally, they solely were for practicality. Ali yearned to create a superior alternative. In doing so, helping people experiencing hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, and cancer. Hence, the idea to launch a range of fashionable, seasonal headwear materialized.


5. “Born in the USA” – USA launch 2020


Last but not least, this is a project that has been brewing for a while. Now, finally, we can reveal all.

In September 2020, Masumi Headwear opened its US branch. Thus, we now have a distribution center in Connecticut to cater to our American customer base!


usa flag


We could not be happier about how far we have come. Thank you to our loyal customers. We fully appreciate your continued dedication to our brand.

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