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Gift Ideas for Chemo Patients

Looking for gifts for chemo patients? Chemotherapy can be taxing, both physically and mentally. These are the times when seeing support from loved ones can go a long way.

If you are looking for a gift for a friend having chemotherapy but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Everyone has different ways of showing support, so our list of gifts for cancer patients undergoing chemo will cover 3 different ways you can show your support in a way you prefer. Below are great chemo basket ideas;


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”

-Oscar Wilde


Practical Gifts for Chemo Patients

Below is the list of the most useful items to see your loved ones through chemotherapy. All of these make great gifts for chemo patients. If you’re looking for chemo basket ideas, gifts in these lists are the most essentials.

Comfort gifts for chemo patients

  • A fluffy warm blanket – These are highly sought out and appreciated by chemo patients. The blankets most hospitals provide are often thin and insufficient. The patient will appreciate a warmer, bigger blanket. Patients commonly take these blankets with them to chemo for added comfort.
  • Food Delivery gift cards – from UberEats or similar services. Chemotherapy can be taxing on the body and the patients may feel exhausted most of the day, so having discount cards for food delivery services can be extremely beneficial. Patients on chemo feel cravings for certain foods while other foods make them feel nauseous. Thus, it’s great for allowing them to pick from a restaurant of their choice and having it delivered to them so they don’t have to leave the bed. More about food-related gifts can be found in the section below.
  • Books, Puzzles – These can keep loved ones occupied.
  • A small portable metal fan – These are highly useful as cancer patients often get hot flashes due to chemo. Make sure it’s a quiet fan so the patient can leave it on at night while sleeping.

practical gifts for cancer patients fan

                                                                                 Portable fans are very handy for chemo patients 

  • Chemo Sleep Caps – As mentioned before, chemotherapy leaves the patient sensitive to cold and hot. A soft chemo sleep cap is great, especially if the fabric is temperature regulating.
  • Long cable phone chargers – Great utility and highly sought out by chemotherapy patients.
  • Epsom Salts with ginger – These are used by chemo patients as bath salts. There are various benefits of Epsom salts for chemo patients. Epsom salts, when dissolved in bathwater, help soothe the taxing effects of chemotherapy. Additionally, the ginger in it is great for soothing nausea.
  • Drain Cleaner – Chemo can cause all the body hairs to fall and this can clog the drain.
  • Hats for cancer patients – Chemo leaves the skin extra-sensitive. While technically all hats can be worn by chemo patients, the tag, the stitching, and the roughness of the fabric can be irritating on the skin for those undergoing chemo. The patient will need comfortable headwear designed to feel comfortable for those undergoing chemo. You can get a chemo hat and several chemo scarves in a gift box. Ask the doctors the type of chemotherapy the patient will be going through. Not all chemo causes hair loss. See our Chemo Hat Buying Guide for more detailed advice on choosing chemotherapy headwear. These can make awesome gifts for women going through chemo. We also have a dedicated category for chemo hats for men.

chemo hat alopecia gifts boxchemo gift box
Masumi Chemo Hat Gift Boxes

  • Sea-Bands – These are wrist bands made to relieve nausea. These may take some of the burdens of chemo.
  • Adult Coloring Books – These are made with stress-relieving patterns and are commonly enjoyed by chemo patients. Can help pass the time and de-stress.

Food and Drink Related gifts:

  • Gifts cards for food delivery services – (ie UberEats, GrubHub) We’ve mentioned how this is very useful, allowing the patient to choose where to eat from can go a long way because on certain days the cancer patient may be craving certain types of foods, plus it can get expensive to order food deliveries a lot. Chemotherapy causes exhaustion, so food deliveries straight to the bed are extra appreciated.
  • Cook for them or bring them food for the freezer – Preferably something more exciting than what the hospital provides
  • Buy Food Care packages for patients – Check out they are a gourmet soup delivery service with vegan and gluten-free options, they specialize in delivering nutritious gourmet food for patients. If you aim to make sick loved ones happy this one is a great choice!
  • Home-made Lemonade
  • Tea samples from around the world
  • Gift cards for their favorite coffee shop


Cheerful gifts for Chemo patients:


  • Gift Cards: If you know the patient likes a particular place very much, getting them a gift card for that place can cheer them up. The great thing about gift cards is that the patient can choose themselves what they want to get and treat themselves.
  • Don’t buy Flowers: This can be the type of gift people commonly think of when visiting a cancer patient, but there’s more to it! Read on as flowers may not be ideal for every cancer patient. Firstly; we advise against flowers because some patients should not come in contact with flowers as the spores can put them at risk. Chemo patients already have weakened resistance. There are a few more things to be cautious of. Chemotherapy leaves the users sensitive to a lot of smells and this can cause nausea. It’s one of the worst gifts one can buy for cancer patients.

gifts for chemo patients

  • Letters, notes, cards: These can be highly personalized gifts with a message of your choosing that can help support your loved ones. These can be uplifting during treatment and a constant reminder for the patient that they have people who care for them deeply.
  • Offer to drive them or help them with their kids and/or pets: Just being there for them and helping them with these tasks can cheer the patients up more than physical gifts. Sometimes cancer patients just need some space for themselves and taking care of their children, kids for them may be the best thing you can do for them.
  • Offer to clean their house: Chemotherapy causes high sensitivity to smell which can trigger nausea. Everyday chores we do like: taking out the trash, doing the dishes can be very difficult for chemo patients for this reason. You can offer to do these for them, they will highly appreciate it!

Simply being there 

Cancer is tough both physically and mentally. Visiting them and being there for them can be very uplifting for cancer patients.

Remember, a simple gesture can be made much larger by the amount of thought that goes into it.


We hope you liked our cancer care package ideas. If you think this post would help somebody don’t forget to share it with them or on social media.

Best wishes from Masumi Headwear!



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