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5 Comfortable Chemo Hat Patterns For Cancer Patients

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Looking for a guide on making hats for cancer patients? We have compiled a list of our best picks for you to find the best chemo hat patterns. Custom-made chemo hats also make for great gifts as they are:

  •   Meaningful
  •   Useful/functional
  •   Comfortable
  •   Snug
  •   Attractive

In fact, chemo hats tick all the boxes. For starters, they make a great alternative to wigs. That is because they are more breathable, comfortable and require less management. Apart from that, they offer very stylish looks. Plus, there is an array of designs available. Lastly, chemo hats are an essential accessory during recovery.

Option 1: Chemo Hat gift boxes

alopecia gift box 1
Masumi Gift Box 1

If you are looking for free chemo hat patterns you can skip this one. We have a gift box option available at Masumi Headwear if you would like to skip on sewing, you can treat yourself and your loved ones with exclusive Chemo Hat Gift sets

Each Alopecia gift box comes with a chemo cap and 3 chemo scarves in a luxurious packaging!

Our alopecia gift box makes the perfect gift for women with hair loss. No doubt, it creates a memorable gift to be cherished. So, it makes a super present. Also, to show a loved one that you are thinking of them. Each box contains a luxury chemo hat made of bamboo fabric. Plus, a selection of three stunning Yanna Crown scarves. Thus, it offers many fabulous looks. Also, our Masumi Gift Sets are perfect for ladies who love a selection of options. So, you can change your headwear daily.

Select from six Gift Sets. Thus, there is a box to suit all tastes and each one is coordinated. Their tones, motifs and designs effortlessly complement one another.

Our luxurious box looks sleek. Also, it helps keeps your items organized.

Each set contains:

  • 1x Bamboo hat
  • 3x Yanna Crown Scarves

They contain customer favorite styles, all packaged together for your ease.

We appreciate how small gestures can mean a lot. So, our gift wrapping is free of charge!  You can add a personalized card to your order! So, we have various tasteful cards on offer. Each feature messages of love and encouragement. Plus, inside, you can write a personalized note. In turn, a chemo patient can read over encouraging messages from loved ones. Finally, this service is available for only $5.50! After selecting your items, simply head over to your ‘basket’. There you will find the options to ‘Add a little extra.’ Happy shopping!

Option 2: Make by hand

One thing that quarantine taught us is that making things by hand is therapeutic. Handmade gifts always do feel extra special. Also, it means that you can cater the hat, especially to your friend, family member, or loved one. For example, choose their favorite colors. Plus, select a pattern that suits them perfectly. Not only will this gift provide comfort during recovery. But, it will leave the receiver feeling fabulous.

Choose a pattern and get started!

Free Easy Crochet Chemo Hat Patterns

We have compiled a list of our top 5 comfortable chemo hat patterns for cancer patients. Browse our selection to find crochet chemo hat patterns. Some of these designs are not strictly chemo caps but can be used as such, for instance, the chemo cap from a t-shirt. In this entry, you will find a selection of knitted and sewn styles. For example, a fleece chemo cap, reversible turban, and a cap made from a t-shirt.

What is the best yarn for chemo caps?

We recommend bamboo fabric, cotton, or linen for sewing chemo caps. For winter wool yarn would be a great choice. Bamboo fabric is known to be very soft which prevents the wearer’s scalp from being irritated.

The following designs include:

  1. Sew  an Easy Fleece Chemo Cap
  2. Make a DIY Reversible Turban
  3. Sew a Simple Chemo Cap From a T-Shirt
  4. Knit a Karen Chemo Cap
  5. Sew a Chemo Headscarf

We round off with some final tips to help you on your journey to producing knitted chemo hat patterns.

  1. Sew an Easy Fleece Chemo Cap
    chemo caps patterns

The first design is a simple pattern by Sparkles of Sunshine. It is so snug. Additionally, the fleece fabric provides a lot of warmth and comfort. It features roll up edges at the bottom. In turn, this makes an attractive addition. This chemo cap is perfect during cold weather.

These are the materials you will need to make this cozy chemo cap pattern:

  •   A beanie – you will use this as your pattern
  •   Fleece fabric
  •   Sewing machine
  •   Pencil
  •   Coordinating thread

Related: What is the best fabric for chemo hats?

Once you’ve completed the instructions, you can decorate it to your heart’s desire. For example, play around with buttons, flowers and badges!

  1. Make a DIY Reversible Turban
    reversible chemo hat pattern

The second pattern is by Thriftanista in the City. This turban-style chemo cap exudes elegance and style. Also, it is reversible, so provides two different looks! If you’re looking for reversible chemo hat patterns, this one is excellent!

The materials list is as follows for this chic headwrap pattern:

  •   (4) 35×10 Rectangles of fabric
  •   Matching thread
  •   Sewing machine

Use this opportunity to use two very distinct fabrics. That way, you can totally switch up your look depending on your mood.

  1. How To Sew a Simple Chemo Cap From a T-Shirt

The third pattern on our list is by the Spruce Crafts. It shows you how to sew a beanie from a t-shirt. Of course, this gives you the chance to choose between a plain or printed t-shirt. This could also make for a great chemo hat for kids crochet pattern depending on the size of the T-shirt you use.

These are the tools and materials required to make this particular chemo hat:

  •   T-shirt
  •   Matching thread
  •   Tape measure
  •   Rotary cutting tools
  •   Pins
  •   Sewing machine
  •   Paper plate (or another 9 1/4-inch circle template)

This chemo cap style is ideal during warmer weather due to it being lightweight. Alternatively, if you prefer to make a warmer cap, use an anti-pill fleece and then hem the bottom.

  1. Knit a Karen Chemo Cap
    how to sew karen chemo hat pattern free

The penultimate pattern on our list is by A Little Knitty. It is a beautifully crocheted beanie that provides warmth and coziness. The link contains a free sewing pattern in the form of a PDF.

Knitted chemo hat patterns can indeed be more challenging. Also, it is more time-consuming than other methods. But, at the same time, knitting can offer absolute peace and fulfillment. Running your fingers over the rows you’ve knitted is so satisfying.

  •   Suggested yarn Juniper Moon Farm Cumulus
  •   Yarn weight: Worsted (9 wpi)
  •   Gauge: 20 stitches and 30 rows = 10 cm
  •   Needle size: US 7 – 4.5 mm
  •   Yardage: 75 – 100 yards (69 – 91 m)

This link includes a useful video to help you master the fan stitch.

  1. Sew a Chemo Headscarf
    chemo cap sewing pattern

This headscarf for cancer patients pattern is by So Sew Easy. It is the final pattern on our list. We love this stylish design which features pleats and attractive volume.

Do you want to make this chemo headscarf extra special? Use a luxurious material such as silk. Silk is especially gentle. Thus, it is perfect on sensitive scalps going through chemotherapy. Additionally, it is wonderfully eye-catching!

The materials you will need include:

Final Tips

  •   Making chemo hats to donate to cancer charities is a wonderful idea
  •   Organize an event to raise awareness during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With your group of friends, make patterns together. You could even make a virtual event and thus include people who live further afield
  •   Go all out and decorate your chemo caps with a scarf, badges, flowers, buttons, sequins etc.
  •   You can also look on the internet for further inspiration
  •   Add a scarf to your chemo cap because it offers many more looks
  • Make a pink chemo cap for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you are still not sure what to buy for chemo patients we have a list of ideas that are not limited to chemo hats. Check out our blog: Gift Ideas for Chemo Patients 


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