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How To Pick The Right Chemo Beanie For You

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The right chemo beanie is unique to each person. So, you must bear various factors in mind when selecting the perfect hat. In this article, we will break down the different areas which you should consider. That way, it is more likely that your beanie for cancer patients will serve you more efficiently!

The points we cover in this article:

  1. Only look at designs for chemo patients
  2. Select the right size
  3. Pick colors that complement you!
  4. Choose the right fabrics
  5. Find designs that work for you!
  6. Invest in chemo beanies that match the seasons


  1. Only look at designs for chemo patients

First of all, it’s important to choose a beanie specifically made with chemo patients in mind. Why? There are many differences between regular and chemo beanies. For example, often chemo beanies cover the hairline and have seamless interiors. Some even have removable tags!

  1. Select the right size

Selecting the correct sized chemo beanie is vital. You want to avoid hats that are too tight and do not provide breathability. However, a beanie too loose is uncomfortable for chemo patients. That is especially the case if you want to cover the hairline. Thus, you must check the size.

Masumi’s exceptional chemo beanies for hair loss provide the perfect fit. It is due to their ability to extend to 57cm. In fact, these hats adjust to the size of the head. It is thanks to the elastane inside them. So, they stretch. As a result, these chemo beanies will fit most average-sized heads.

If your head is smaller than average, you should purchase a chemo hat for small heads. There are also chemo hats for kids. These come in an even smaller size.

  1. Pick colors that complement you!

Going through chemo can be very challenging. There are so many changes happening to our bodies. As a result, this affects our self-esteem and how we view ourselves. That is why; it is always a good idea to put some thought into the color of your chemo beanies. Find colors that complement your skin tone, and emphasize your eye color. Plus, use shades that go well with your wardrobe. That way, you will feel more confident!

  1. Choose the right fabrics

Going through chemo means that you must now carefully choose suitable materials. That is because you want to avoid irritating the scalp. So, bamboo, cotton, and fleece interiors work best!

Bamboo fabric hats are particularly soft and gentle on the scalp They contain antiperspirant properties. Additionally, the fabric allows your skin to breathe. The bamboo fiber adjusts the temperature of your skin, keeping you warm on cold days and cool in the heat.

Cotton beanies are great as they use natural fibers, free of chemicals.

  1. Find designs that work for you!

You should find beanie caps for cancer patients that suit you and your lifestyle. In fact, generally, it is helpful to own a few different styles. That way, you will have all bases covered.

Laidback designs

Having laidback styles is super important. They are easy to slip on, highly practical, and super comfortable. Soft chemo beanies are super snug. So, they are perfect for running errands such as going grocery shopping or to the mall. Ideally, you want soft beanie hats for chemo patients blending practicality with style.

Elegant styles

It is always nice to have elegant styles available such as chemo headscarves. These are perfect for fancy occasions, such as going out for dinner. In fact, headscarves are a popular choice for chemo patients. They allow many ways of styling and provide the chance to add your flare. The headscarves may be worn without their hat counterpart as a hair accessory, with a wig.

Exercise chemo beanies

Exercise hats for chemo patients are a great accessory.

Gentle exercise for chemo patients is beneficial. Just be careful that it’s not too intense. That is because you don’t want to strain the body excessively. So, exercise beanies are fitting to strengthen the body during and after chemo. Gentle cardio exercise can help combat common side effects of chemotherapy. For instance, walking helps the immune system as well as reducing fatigue and nausea. Thus, choose chemo beanies that cater to the outdoors. So, no matter the weather, these breathable hats will insulate and keep you warm! The aim is to inspire and motivate. For sure, any of our styles will effortlessly complement your workout gear. Exercise chemo beanies are an excellent investment. Keep fit, sporty, and on top of whatever life has to throw at you. Your well-being will thank you!

Sleeping Chemo Beanies

Soft chemo hats for sleep have many benefits. For example, they eliminate scalp on pillow irritation. As a result, this reduces hair loss to a minimum. Also, beanies for sleep keep the scalp warm and regulate the body’s temperature. Finally, they assist in giving you a good night’s sleep!

  1. Invest in chemo beanies that match the seasons

Without hair to insulate the scalp, your chemo beanies must take over that role. Thus, it is useful having chemo hats to suit different types of weather.

Warm weather

During warm weather, light, breathable hats are ideal. You can look at our chemo hats for summer collection.

Cold weather

During the colder months of the year, winter chemo hats are very useful.

It is your chance to sport crochet and knitwear winter chemo beanies. Ideally, wear styles with fleece interiors. These are super-efficient in tackling cold weather and ensuring you keep toasty!

Final Pointers

It is important to stress the benefits of owning chemo beanies for different situations. That is because it benefits you on so many levels. Having these measures in place can help you feel more at ease and thus aid you along with your chemo treatment. It means that you will not feel so self-conscious when doing different activities.

Also, there are so many styles available nowadays. So, no matter your taste, you are sure to find beanies that appeal to you! If you’re looking to buy a gift for chemo patients you can look at our gift guide for chemo patients or buy a Masumi chemo hat gift card so they can choose what they like.

Good luck on your journey and happy beanie-wearing!

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