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Ultimate Guide To Children’s Chemo Hats & Headwear

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Although it is less common, we must not forget that children are also diagnosed with cancer. That is why at Masumi Headwear, we offer a range of chemo hats just for kids and teens. We are passionate about empowering children with cancer. Also, we understand that it is natural for children to feel self-conscious about hair loss. Thus, we create designs so kids feel able to express themselves. Additionally, we design headwear which is enjoyable for children and teenagers to wear.

In fact, there are many benefits to wearing children’s chemo hats. For example, they insulate the scalp and are comfortable to wear. Naturally, kids going through chemo are particularly vulnerable. So, designs must bear kids with hair loss in mind throughout the entire design process. At Masumi Headwear, we create deep designs that fully cover the scalp. That way, no hair loss is visible.

Below is our Ultimate Guide To Children’s Chemo Hats & Headwear. Using this guide, you will able to shop in confidence. We cover the five most important areas that you should consider when selecting hats for kids with cancer, they are:

  • The right size
  • Comfort is key
  • Colors matter
  • Attractive designs
  • Easiness to put on

The right size

First off, chemo caps for kids must be made to fit a child’s head. In other words, they should be smaller than adult-sized hats. Plus, it is vital to find a size that fits snugly. For instance, so that cold air doesn’t seep up. Also, so they keep insulated. Finally, the right sized hat will stay put and won’t need constant readjusting. For young users, this is super important as they are generally active and move about often.

Comfort is key

Secondly, of course, comfort is so important in chemo hats in general. But for children’s styles, it is a must. Thus, at Masumi, we use the softest materials. We combine this with double layering techniques to avoid irritating sensitive scalps. Remember to always choose super soft fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. In turn, they will offer the user the utmost comfort. Also, stretchiness is a key perk in hats for kid cancer patients. First of all, it ensures a snug fit. Additionally, it allows the hats to stay in place without slipping and showing bare scalp.

Colors matter

Thirdly, a wide choice of colors is an important feature of hats for children cancer patients. That way, they will appeal to kids. In fact, our Masumi chemo hats for kids offer a variety of colors. Choose from bright to more subtle shades!

Our Masumi Headwear Champion styles come in a wide range of colors. Choose from coral, blue ocean, green forest, navy, sunset, grey, brown, yellow and red.

Attractive designs

Fourthly, attractive designs are so necessary on hats for children with cancer. Because hats for child cancer patients should bring the focus to their designs. Rather than highlighting the hair loss, your child is experiencing. Thus, at Masumi, we offer a variety of children’s chemo hat patterns. In turn, our hats suit a range of tastes. In fact, attractive features adorn the exteriors of this collection. For instance, Alice has a speckled bow. We love this design. It is cute, chic and so soft to wear. Thus, it is very popular amongst child cancer patients.

Alex is a reversible cancer hat for kids. Choose from brown and yellow, or red and grey looks. It is a much loved choice for young boys.

boy wearing grey and red contrast chemo hat
Chemo Hat for Children Alex Red and Grey


Primrose has a gorgeous flower complete with stitched edging. It is a super cute hat for after hair loss. Plus, it comes in coral, green forest, or blue ocean.

tteenage girl wearing ocean blue embedded rose detail chemo cap

Additionally, Drew Military features a camouflage print. It is a unisex cap for kids with cancer. The style is funky, cool, and extremely comfy to wear.

A girl wearing camo prints, layered chemo hat.

Yanna Navy White Polka Dot is an attractive headscarf for teens. It features a clever combination of both hat and scarf. So, it can be styled in six separate ways.

teenage girl wearing navy chemo hat with white scarf

Ella Green Forest Flower is a unique and effortlessly stylish soft chemo hat and headband combination. A soft and lightweight hat designed for a flattering fit. It is a popular design amongst teens.

teenage girl wearing forest green chemo hat with flower head tie

Connor is our cool, smart, unisex beanie hat. It is beautifully soft, making it the ideal choice for anyone with hair loss. It is very popular with teenage chemo patients.

blue chemo beanie for men

Easiness to put on

Finally, hats for child cancer patients should be easy to put on. This is unlike some adult chemo headwear which requires styling and adjusting.

A huge advantage of our Masumi children’s designs is the “no styling” aspect. Thus, our styles are straight forwards for children to put on themselves. That way, they will feel empowered, independent, and confident to not have to rely on adults.

Masumi Headwear’s cancer hats for kids

Every child who goes through hair loss is a true champion. So, we are proud of our exclusive chemo headwear for kids. Apart from looking good, these items feel super soft on the scalp. We only use the most excellent bamboo and cotton material. In turn, this doesn’t irritate. Also, no interior stitching adds extra comfort. So, our styles are also suitable for sleeping caps.

What ages are Masumi hats generally suitable for?

Masumi Headwear’s Kids Chemo Hats are suitable for a range of ages. That is because we want to cater to a large audience. For example, Alex and Drew styles are suitable for ages 5-12. Whereas, the rest of the hats are suitable from age 13 and up. In fact, teenagers with average-sized heads can wear all our other styles as well. So, check out the rest of our products here!

It is also worth browsing our Women’s Hats for Small Head Sizes collection.

No matter the age or personal taste, we have attractive hats to offer.

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