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How To Look Stylish With Head Scarf During Chemo

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How To Look Stylish With Head Scarf During Chemo

There are many ways to cope with the changes that lie ahead. For example, the upcoming changes to your physical appearance. Unfortunately, hair loss is often a side-effect of chemo. So, it is important to discover ways to make you feel more confident. If you prefer to hide your hair loss there are plenty of possibilities available.

One highly popular option is the use of chemo headscarves. They are an elegant, comfortable and practical way to cover your scalp. Plus, they keep your head warm and cozy. This is especially vital during the colder months of the year. Also, there are chemo sun hats that protect you from UV rays.

In this article, we will give you our top tips on how to look stylish with head scarves during chemo. So, we share 5 ways to tie scarves for cancer patients. A huge benefit of chemo headwear is there are so many elegant ways to style them!

Scarf tying for cancer patients can be overwhelming due to the number of looks to choose from. So, we decided to break down our favorite looks. Each technique comes with written instructions as well as a video tutorial. That way, you won’t get lost! Plus, you can see what you’re aiming for.

1.   How to tie a chemo head scarf – Classic

  • Puts on display the scarf’s complete design
  • The ends of the chemo scarf drape down tastefully
  • Generates ripples with movement

We start off with a basic knot. Naturally, it is super simple yet very stylish. So, it is an excellent starting point for first-time users of chemo head scarves.

First of all, put on your chemo hat making sure to cover your natural hairline. Then, wrap the headscarf around and secure with two knots.

Try out different positions and play around with the ends. For instance, see if you like having one in front and the other one behind you.

In this video, watch our beautiful brand ambassador Michelle Moffatt demonstrate how to recreate this look. She uses our popular Masumi Yanna style:

2. How to tie a headscarf for cancer patients – The Rosebud

  • Attractive and classy look
  • Looks great on the side

This method looks hard to do. Yet, it’s super easy.

To begin with, decide where you want the rosebud situated. Then, wrap the headscarf around. Grasp both sides of the scarf near to your head. Clutch the two ends together and begin to twist in a spiral. Secure the style by sticking both ends into the folds of your rosebud.

Remember that the length and texture of the scarf will determine the size of the rosebud.

Watch Michelle fashion a rosebud using our Yanna style. To have a browse of our other available Yanna head scarves go to:

3. How to tie a scarf for cancer patients – The Double Crossed

  • Creates gorgeous texture
  • Adds volume
  • Elaborate
  • Elegant turban look

Begin with the central section of the scarf along the back. Next, bring both ends to the front. Crisscross the ends over twice and meet at the back. Bring both ends back to the front and double-cross again. Secure at the back with a knot.

This technique works especially well with long ends.

Michelle uses Masumi’s Asha style in color Blue Ocean.

4. How to tie chemo scarves – Layered

  • Leaves an elegant strip of color around the front of the chemo hat
  • Offers a layered look
  • Adds volume

This technique can totally transform your head scarf. It is fun look due to its big beautiful bow.

Begin by placing the middle of the scarf around the front of your chemo hat. Next, cross the ends over at the back. Then, bring both ends back to the front. Finally, tie a knot and then a bow to fasten.

This style works particularly well using wide chemo scarves.

The video shows how to create this looking using our stunning Daisy style. To have a look at the other Daisy styles available go to

5. How to tie a scarf to cover bald head – The Twist

  • A twist creates gorgeous detail
  • The ends hang down stylishly
  • Creates a pretty chain

First, wrap the scarf around the back of your head. Then, cross the ends over each other at the front. Twist the two ends around each other. Finally, bring both ends to the back and tie to secure.

In the video tutorial, Michelle uses one of our popular Yanna styles. To have a look at our Yanna Gift Boxes, go to They make an excellent gift as each box contains three different scarves and one bamboo hat. Select from six stunning Gift Sets.

Final tips for extra stylishness

  • Pin broaches to your head scarves for added flair
  • Experiment with different tying techniques
  • Discover which looks complement your style
  • Embrace this phase of chemo headwear
  • Coordinate your outfit with your headscarf
  • Use bamboo or cotton chemo scarves
  • Mix and match your chemo scarves with chemo hats
  • Use tones that complement your eye color
  • Use a chemo scarf as a chic neck scarf
  • Change your look daily!
  • Experiment with different lengths
  • Express your individual style!
  • Coordinate jewellery with your headwear
  • Try wearing bright colored chemo headwear to lighten up your facial features
  • Play around with using a bit more make-up such as eyeshadow, false eyelashes and lipstick
  • Invest in a selection of chemo headwear

To end with, a question that we come across very frequently is how to wear a headscarf with no hair?

  1. Find a chemo scarf with added volume to make up for lost hair
  2. Ensure your chemo hat covers the back of your natural hairline
  3. You can even combine a wig with chemo headwear

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