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Add Some Sunshine on Summer – Summer Chemo Headwear Styles

At Masumi Headwear, we pride ourselves on offering the finest headwear all year round. Hence, we design and produce seasonal products. So, each year we launch new volumes of our Spring/Summer collection and Fall/Winter range. Additionally, we add new colors to existing products and unique, innovative features.

Our chemo sun hats are naturally made with hot weather in mind. They feature a luxurious selection of looks, colors, and motifs. Thus, our summer chemo headwear suits a range of tastes. Check out our whole collection here! It should be noted that all our summer hats come with removable interior tags. As a result, we add relief to sensitive scalps. Plus, this ensures that you stay well clear of any uncomfortable, itchy sensations. Also, we make deep designs to cover your entire hairline.

In this article, we will go through our best chemo hats for summer. That way, you will have a clearer idea of the variety of summer head wear we have on offer. Likewise, our summer chemo headwear is suitable for ladies with alopecia. In fact, it is ideal for women with hair loss in general.


Rosabella Taupe

Rosabella Taupe is a sophisticated bonnet-style hat. It offers full coverage and quality sun protection, thanks to its wide brim.  In turn, it shields your eyes, scalp, and neck from the sun’s harsh rays. It features striking fabric folds and an intricate rose shape on the side.

We chose bamboo as it offers a comfortable experience for women with hair loss. Additionally, it doesn’t irritate the scalp. In fact, bamboo has highly unique properties. For one, it has antiperspirant properties so your sweat evaporates. The bamboo fiber adjusts the temperature of your skin keeping you cool in the heat. Also, it is hypoallergenic. In turn, it is an excellent choice for those undergoing chemotherapy.

We believe that losing your hair does not mean that you should lose your sense of style. No doubt, this summer chemo headwear will ensure that you feel as fabulous as ever!



Mirna is a cute style from our summer chemo hats collection. It is a cool, white, and lightweight style made from premium linen and cotton. This beautiful chemo hat for summer features an embroidered floral pattern. Also, its elegant brim offers protection from the sun. Mirna offers innovative UPF sun protection (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). The Skin Cancer Foundation highly recommends this feature. In fact, it blocks 98% of UV. Chemo Hats with UPF sun protection can be especially useful to women going through chemo. To view all our summer hats for cancer patients that offer UPF 50+ sun protection, go to


Katia Black & Lilac

Katia is a reversible chemo cap for summer. It offers two attractive looks. One side is entirely lilac, whereas the other is a darker shade. Additionally, it features a beautiful lilac band running around the hat. In turn, this creates a lovely contrast. Furthermore, the brim is a trendy element. Plus, it provides added sun protection.

Two options allow you to pick a side depending on your mood. Also, it caters to better outfit coordination. Finally, the use of bamboo material feels divinely soft. It also allows the skin to breathe. Thus, it is superb for women experiencing hair loss.

You will be pleased to know that Katia is also available in grey and silver!


Lola Black Midnight Pearl

Lola Black Midnight Pearl is a combination of a hat and scarf. In turn, this allows you to style your chemo sun hat in many glamorous ways. Combine Lola with sunglasses and, you will look like a classic Hollywood movie star!

Lola Black Scarlet Florenza is a trendy style. It features an elegant wide-brimmed hat. In turn, this provides valuable shade. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Not to mention, it is a chic look. Combined, the hat and scarf complement one another. The sun hat uses a linen fabric. Plus, there is a layer of bamboo in its interior. Masumi Headwear designs sun hats for women experiencing hair loss. Thus, it feels super soft.

Tie the scarf in different manners to achieve a range of looks. In turn, this emphasizes specific sections of the lovely design. No doubt, it is a fantastic item to use in warm weather.

If you like the look of this style, check out Lola Black Blush Fiori and Lola Black Scarlet Florenza. They are excellent summer hats for cancer patients.


Lola White

Lola White Navy Blue Polka Dot | Sun Hat with UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Lola White is a lovely sun hat. This style by Masumi Headwear keeps you extra cool. For one, it offers UPF 50+ sun protection. Also, it has a wide brim. Thus, it delivers a pleasing shade.

The hat uses linen and a layer of bamboo in its interior. In turn, this provides a super soft experience. The scarf and hat pairing look superb due to the colorful floral prints against a white background. Tie the scarf in many ways. In turn, this highlights different sections of the gorgeous prints. This particular Lola enhances any outfit. Plus, it encourages spending quality time outdoors.

Each of our Lola styles features innovative UPF 50+ sun protection. So, if you like the look of this style, check out Lola Purple Blush Florenza and Lola Navy Polka Dot for other stunning summer hats for chemo patients. Also, click on the links to Lola Navy Iris Florenza and Lola White Golden Chain.


Final Notes

As chemo patients, in warm weather, it’s important to take extra measures to stay hydrated. In fact, overheating can lead to nasty side effects. They include vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. So, to avoid this, ensure you drink plenty of cool fluids, ideally water. Also, protect your exposed skin by using natural sunblock and long-sleeved clothes. Additionally, aim to avoid being outdoors during the hottest hours of the day. But, if you do go outside, try to stay in the shade. Furthermore, sunglasses are useful in protecting your eyes. Finally, for some more top tips on ways to beat the summer heat when wearing your head scarf, read our blog:

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