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Top Reasons Why You Should Wear a Sleep Cap

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There are many benefits to using a nightcap for sleeping. In fact, it serves a different purpose depending on your circumstances. For example, a night cap for hair can keep knots at bay during the night. Especially with all the wriggling around we do to get comfortable. There’s no wonder we sometimes wake up with fresh tangles. It also reduces frizziness, so there is a smaller chance of rocking a tousled morning bed head look. Additionally, sleeping caps minimize split ends. This, in turn, maintains hair in a better and healthier condition. Plus, it reduces the frequency you have to get your hair trimmed. As a result, you will save money on haircuts. Not only are there sleeping hats for women but there are also men’s silk sleeping caps, better known as durag’s. They are worn to create beautiful subtle waves on afro hair. Another use for sleep caps for men and women is to maintain dreadlocks and braids.

You now have a brief insight into the reasons why sleeping hats can be beneficial to hair. But now, we will go through the top reasons why you should wear a sleep cap during hair loss. The reality is that there is so much emphasis placed on what they wear during the day. We often neglect what to wear to bed. So, often ladies with hair loss for the first time wonder why to wear a nightcap for sleeping. Here are the reasons why it will do you a world of good.

  1. Performs the role that hair would
  2. Minimizes discomfort
  3. Cools the scalp
  4. Promotes healthy sleep
  5. Has other uses


  1. Performs the role that hair would

For ladies with alopecia or in chemo, a sleep hat has a very important role. It performs the role that hair normally would. Okay, but how does it do this? It provides much-needed insulation and warmth to the scalp. Cancer patients can get especially cold during the night. So, a sleeping hat is a fantastic means for the skin to feel less exposed. Especially if wearing headwear or a wig during the day is normal. Hence, it acts as a comforting safety blanket.

  1. Minimizes discomfort

Night hats for sleeping work wonders in minimizing discomfort. This is so important during chemo as scalp sensitivity is heightened. So, the fact that a hair cover for sleep avoids friction between the scalp and pillowcase is a blessing. Also, a sleep hat lessens scalp irritation. It is a well-known fact that sensitive skin is a common after-effect of hair loss. Thus, a bed hat covering the scalp comes as a welcome relief.

  1. Cools the scalp

A sleeping cap for women not only warms the scalp during cold nights. Whatever the climate, a bamboo sleeping hat can help regulate your body’s temperature. So, during warm nights it keeps you feeling cool and relaxed.

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  1. Promotes healthy sleep

All the previous points are reasons as to why night caps for sleeping encourage great sleep. Naturally, the more comfortable you feel, the better your sleep will be. Quality sleep is crucial during chemo treatment. In fact, it has been found to help boost the immune system. No doubt, you will see a difference after incorporating a sleep hat into your nightly routine. You will find that they naturally soothe and comfort.

  1. Has other uses

It may come as a surprise to you, but a women’s sleeping cap also has other uses. For instance, wear it under your headwear during the day for an extra layer of warmth. Night hats for sleeping also are great to wear while doing gentle exercise such as yoga and walking. To browse exercise hats made for chemo patients, check out our exercise hats for chemo patients collection.

Another idea to use your sleep cap is to dress it up. You can do this easily by pinning broaches to it or wrapping headscarves around. At Masumi Headwear, you can now buy our Italian cotton scarves by themselves. That way, customizing your look has never been easier and more cost-effective. Go to chemo head wraps for chemo patients for a look at the range of designs. They include floral, heart, polka dot, and fruit motifs.


Try Deluxe cotton women’s sleeping caps

You can check out our Masumi Headwear range of night caps for sleeping. We carefully design each feature with hair loss in mind. For instance, they are nice and stretchy. In turn, this ensures they provide a comfortable fit and don’t come off in the night. Our popular range of chemo night caps comes in many colors. This means you can easily pair your hat with your pajamas, dressing gowns, and slippers. The colors available in this collection are Blue Ocean, Navy, Black, Champagne, Coral, and Grey. Our night caps for sleeping use silky soft, high-quality cotton. So, they are warm, lightweight, and promote a restorative night’s sleep. Additionally, there is no interior stitching. And as an added bonus, all Masumi Headwear items feature removable tags. That way, our products offer an extra irritation-free interior. Furthermore, our night caps for sleeping feature a deep design offering full coverage. They are ideal in any season and temperature. Also, they are easy to wash and care for. Read about our manufacturing process, by clicking the link.

At Masumi Headwear, we believe that headwear should be accessible to everyone. Hence, the business proudly produces styles, for women, men, teenagers, and children. To learn more about Masumi Headwear, we recommend having a read of Our Story. You will learn how the idea to launch a range of fashionable headwear first materialized. Plus, you will discover why hair loss to cancer is such a personal story to our founder Ali Nowroozi.

We know that experiencing hair loss can really knock confidence. Are you are struggling with a cancer diagnosis? Read our 10 tips for getting through chemotherapy.

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