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Why does my head itch when I wear a Beanie?

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Hats and headwear are proving to be ever more popular in the hair-loss community. No doubt, they are a wonderful way to express styles. For most ladies, wearing trendy designs in brilliant tones boosts confidence. They combine well with outfits and can highlight facial features. Plus, headwear is a hassle-free and affordable accessory.

Why do hats make your forehead itch?

Unfortunately, sensitive skin is a common side-effect of chemo and alopecia. So, it may be that certain hats cause discomfort. If that is the case, you may wonder “Why does my head itch when I wear a beanie?” In fact, it usually has to do with the hat’s fabric and design. For instance, wool and felt are known to cause irritation and friction.

Okay, so you know the answer now but how can you solve this? Fortunately, there are two ways to avoid this uncomfortable sensation:

I) Wear chemo sleeping hats

The first option is to wear a chemo sleeping hat underneath. Not only will this stop the itchiness, but it will keep you feeling snug and insulated. Also, it is very discreet and goes unnoticeable underneath a beanie hat. Plus, it adds an added layer of warmth.

Choose from Black, Blue, Champagne, Coral, Grey, and Navy. This particular style uses quality cotton. It features a deep design that covers the entire hairline. That way, no unwelcome air will seep up and cause chills. Have a look at our blog about the benefits a sleeping cap offers.

II) Use non-itchy beanie hats

The second option is to invest in non itchy beanie hats. These cool designs are especially for ladies with hair loss. Thus, they feature removable tags, breathable fabrics, and double layering. So, their interiors feel gentle on the scalp. The best non itchy hat will blend practicality with style. They have seamless and soft interiors. For example, a beanie with a fleece interior is a great investment. Or maybe you prefer a soft cotton hat. At Masumi Headwear, we even offer one for men.


Gentle exercise is vital during and after chemo. In turn, it strengthens the body. So, check out our activewear beanies. The moisture-absorbent qualities mean the fabric absorbs sweat. Plus, various useful elements form part of the design. For instance, reflective details provide visibility in the dark. So, you can stay safe and remain visible at night. Also, the hidden pocket is a super convenient feature. For example, you can store valuables such as keys.


  • To stop itchy heads, either wear a sleeping hat or invest in non-itchy chemo hats.
  • Hopefully, now your irritated scalp days are over. The truth is that these same techniques are not limited to beanie hats. They also work for all types of headwear. · Go to our website to browse the other types of headwear available at Masumi Headwear.

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