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Guide To Wearing Hats with Wigs | How to Wear Hats with Wigs?

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Looking for a guide to wearing hats with wigs or wondering if you can wear hats with wigs? You’ll be pleased to find out that the answer is yes! In fact, it is an easy way to switch up your look. Plus, it offers other benefits such as warmth and shade.

Many ladies experiencing hair loss wonder how to wear hats when you wear a wig. It is vital to know what you’re doing to get it right. Hence, in this article, we will give you a guide to wearing hats with wigs. Additionally, you will become familiar with the best hats to wear with wigs. They vary depending on the given circumstances. Read on to find out how to wear hats with wigs.

How to wear a hat with a wig

1. First off, you should decide on the style of hat to wear. Ensure you choose hats specifically for hair loss. That way, on the days you don’t feel like wearing a wig, you can wear your headwear over your scalp, irritation-free. Its material and the breathability it provides are important factors to bear in mind.

2. Next, choose a size that allows space for a wig underneath. You don’t want a hat that is too tight. It has the potential to yank your wig off when taking it off.

3. For extra security, you should consider using a wig cap or wig tape. It will keep your wig from coming off.

4. Place your hat gently on top of your wig and avoid pressing down too hard.

5. Use bobby pins to secure it.

6. Now, you are good to go!


How to take off a hat with a wig

It is advisable to find somewhere private with a mirror, for example, a restroom. So, you can comb your wig and adjust it in peace.

The best hats to wear with wigs in spring/summer

The changing of seasons from winter to spring brings with it an increase in our hours of sunlight. During chemo, your skin becomes extra sensitive to the sun. Thus, it can burn easier. So, it is vital to take extra precautions. Hence, those going through chemo should find ways to stay in the shade and

be out of the sun’s direct rays. One fantastic option for wig wearers is to combine hats with wigs. Naturally, wearing a hat provides valuable shade from the sun.


  • Ensure you find hats made with lightweight and breathable fabrics to avoid overheating.
  • Choose a wide-brimmed chemo hat to protect your face, neck, and eyes. Pair it with sunglasses for an elegant look.
  • Consider wearing sun hats with UPF 50+ Sun Protection. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It is highly recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. In fact, this innovative feature provides UVA and UVB protection. Unlike SPF sunblock which generally only gives UVB protection. UPF 50+ offers excellent UV protection. In other words, it blocks 98% of UV.
  • A partial wig to wear with a hat is another good alternative. It consists of a hat with hair attached to it underneath. Thus, there is no need to use a wig and a hat. Plus, it increases breathability and is easier to maintain.


Wearing wigs with hats: How to Lessen Friction and Frizz

In the warmer, more humid months, customers often ask. How to lessen friction and frizz when wearing wigs with hats? The answer is to use an anti-frizz serum. It is the magic ingredient to maintaining a straight wig beautifully sleek.

The best hats to wear with wigs in fall/winter

The types of hats to wear in fall/winter are different from those in spring/summer. Why is that? Because wearing hats over wigs is an excellent way to keep warm and insulated.

  • Choose winter hats with a comforting fleece or bamboo interior for added warmth.
  • For protection from the sun’s glare find a hat with an outer edge.
  • A slouchy beanie styles work well with a wig underneath.
  • Use conditioning spray to stop your wig from drying out.


Elegant hats to wear with wigs

There are certain styles that work particularly well over a wig. For special occasions, these are our favorites:

  • Turbans offer a sophisticated look. Choose from an array of stunning designs. For instance, there are beaded turbans, and ready-made turbans featuring two dramatic colors.
  • Chemo Headscarves are super versatile as they allow many ways of styling. Jeweled headscarves exude luxury.


Hopefully, you now feel more informed on how to wear a hat with a wig. For a full overview of the headwear available, browse our Masumi Headwear website. There you will find a stunning selection of headwear specifically for hair loss. These styles work great on their own or over a wig!

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