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What to Wear If You Lose Your Hair After Chemo

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As women, hair forms such a large part of our identity, so you may be wondering what to wear on your hair after chemo when the hair loss starts.

In this article, we will guide you on how to decide what to wear after chemo hair loss.  It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey through hair loss is unique. So, what appeals and feels right to you won’t necessarily be aligned with another individual. Hence, it is useful to figure out what works for you. Also, until you temporarily part ways with your hair can be difficult to know what is best suited in your case.

What to wear on your head after Chemo

1. Wigs

Wigs are the obvious choice for what to wear on your head when you lose your hair. They offer full coverage and provide huge comfort for ladies who miss the sensation of having hair. A fun aspect is that you can try out different styles and colors. Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a particular look but were always too chicken to try it out? Well, here is your opportunity! My advice is, do not waste it.

There are many types of wigs available, and their prices are just as varied. For example:

  • Remy human hair wigs are the most luxurious and thus the most expensive. These wigs are the most natural-looking. In fact, they offer the possibility of dying, blow-drying, and highlighting. So in many ways, they are exactly like normal hair.
  • Synthetic wigs use faux hair. A benefit is that they come in a wide variety of colors. Plus, they are the cheapest option and keep their style for a long time.
  • Other options include monofilament, wefted, hand-tied, and lace front wigs.

Some people find wigs itchy and uncomfortable, especially in the heat. Also, wig-wearing can be time-consuming and tedious. So, before you invest in an expensive collection, try a couple out and test out how you like them.

2. Hair Pieces and Wig Toppers

These are another option of what to wear when you lose your hair but don’t require a full head wig. For example, you may be experiencing thinning hair. The idea is that you choose a color that blends in with your existing hair. That way, it goes unnoticeable. How do they work? You attach the hair piece with clips for a seamless insertion.

3. Embrace the bald look!

For some women, this is a bold and empowering move. Although, there are factors to bear in mind, for example, sun sensitivity which is a common side-effect of chemo. Also, the chance of burning increases drastically. So, apply sunblock to your head. Try to stay out of direct sunlight and keep hydrated. Also, during colder months of the year, it’s best to keep insulated.

4. Headwear specially designed for Chemo Patients

Headwear is a practical answer to what to wear if you lose your hair. For one, it is a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to wigs. It is best to wear headwear made specifically for women with hair loss. In turn, this avoids irritation. Choose breathable fabrics that you can wash yourself, such as cotton and bamboo. Some ladies become so attached to their headwear. Even after their hair grows back, they carry on incorporating styles into their look. In fact, headwear is also great during that in-between stage while the hair is re-growing. Here you can find our stylish headwear for chemo patients.

Versatile headwear is becoming exceedingly popular amongst ladies going through chemo. For example, with chemo headscarves, you tie and style them yourself. So, that way, you can change your look daily. For ideas, you can read our article; ways to tie your headscarf. Reversible styles are also another option that offers distinct looks. Also, it is a cost-effective option as you have two styles in one.

To spice up your existing headwear, try pinning broaches for an elegant touch. Another idea is to mix and match scarves with caps. That way, you are creating new and unique looks! For a cohesive look, coordinate your headwear with your outfit. Finally, another great tip is to buy two of your favorite styles. So, that way you will always have one readily available!

5. Chemo Hat Gift Sets

Investing in Chemo Hat Gift Sets is a great option. It includes a cap and a selection of headscarves. Hence, it offers many looks. A Gift Set is perfect for ladies who love a selection of options. So, you can change your headwear daily. Each box is wonderfully coordinated. Their tones, motifs, and designs effortlessly complement one another. It creates a memorable gift to be cherished. So, it makes a super present. Also, to show a loved one that you are thinking of them. You can even treat yourself!

6. Sleeping Cap

We highly recommend investing in a sleep hats designed for chemo patients. It insulates at night, so performs the role that hair normally would. Additionally, it encourages quality sleep. Choose a lightweight, breathable, and moisture-absorbent sleep cap. Thus, it will help you rest more comfortably. In fact, a sleeping cap also has other uses during the day. In winter, wear it underneath hats to avoid friction. Or, tie a chemo scarf around it.

Important reminders

  • What to wear when you lose your hair from alopecia and what to wear when you lose your hair from chemo are very similar. Hence, this article and the products attached are equally relevant.
  • A healthy habit is to remind yourself that hair loss during chemo is temporary. Because the chances are that it will recover once the treatment is complete.
  • Losing your hair doesn’t mean that you should compromise your style! At Masumi Headwear, we strive to design and craft headwear that elevates and boosts confidence.

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