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Where to Donate Hats For Cancer Patients

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Looking for where to donate your old hats to cancer patients? Here is a list of charities and organizations in the USA and the UK which offer this service. Some of these only accept new, handmade knitted/crotched caps. On the other hand, other charities do accept donations of used hats for chemo patients. Thus, be sure to carefully read their guidelines before sending off your donation.

  1. Charities in the US
  2. Charities in the UK

Charities for Chemo Patients in the USA

  • Knots of Love – a charity based in Southern California accepts donations of hand knitted/hand-crotched cancer hats. Their donations provide free hats for chemo patients to over 580 treatment centers and hospitals across the USA.
  • Hope Scarves –this charity accepts donations of both worn and new turbans, caps, and pre-sewn headscarves. Read their guidelines for further information, as well as the address to send off your donation.
  • Delaware Head Huggers – accept new and handmade cancer caps. Read their guidelines and list of drop-off locations for more information.
  • Crotchet for Cancer – distribute donations of brand new crotched, knitted, and sewn caps to hospitals and cancer centers on your behalf. They have many locations in the USA and Canada, plus, they offer free patterns on their website. Crotchet for Cancer encourages checking with your local cancer center first to see if they will accept your donation.
  • The Heavenly Hats Foundation – accepts donations and distributes brand-new hats for those who have lost their hair to cancer or other medical conditions. The address for hat donations can be found here.
  • Hatsgiving – distribute new, soft, handmade, and bought winter hats. They distribute them to cancer patients via pediatric cancer treatment centers all over the States. The donations can come in any size as they also distribute to children’s hospitals.


Charities for Chemo Patients in the UK

Cancer Hair Care – Twice as Nice is a project set up by the UK’s leading hair loss support charity. It collects donations of clean hats and wigs for cancer patients.

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