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Can I use nailpolish during Chemo?

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Wondering if nailpolish is safe to use for chemo patients? This expression is used to describe the damage chemotherapy can have on nails, but don’t worry! This effect is only temporary and can even be reduced with the use of the correct products. In this blog, we will guide you through how to take care of your nails during chemo.

Why do nails turn black during chemo?

Ever heard of the expression “chemo nails?” Chemotherapy can have a number of side effects, including changes to the skin and nails. Your body’s fresh cell growth cycles may be hampered by chemotherapy [1]. This can particularly harm the keratin-rich cells that make up your skin and nails. One of the most visible changes can be to the nails, which can become dry, brittle, and discolored. As a result, many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may be looking for ways to keep their nails looking healthy and strong.

One option for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy is to use nail care products. However, not all nail products are suitable for chemo patients. It’s important to choose a polish that will be gentle on the nails and will not further damage them.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best nail products for chemotherapy patients:


Avoid harsh chemicals:

There is a difference of opinion on whether nail polish is safe for chemo patients or not. Nail polish will cause your nails to dry up even faster. These chemicals can be harsh on the nails and can cause further damage during chemotherapy. Because there is ambiguity in the research, to be safe, always check with your doctor and use a nail polish that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. You can opt for other nail products such as nail strengtheners and moisturizers.

Choose a breathable formula:

Look for nail care products that are “breathable,” meaning that they allow the nails to breathe and hydrate. This can help to prevent dryness and brittleness, which can be common side effects of chemotherapy.

Opt for a natural formula:

Many natural, non-toxic and organic nail products are available on the market. They are made without synthetic chemicals and use natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and minerals. These can be gentler on the nails and can help to keep them healthy.

Choose a light color:

Darker colors tend to show discoloration and stains more easily than lighter colors. So, if you want to hide any discoloration or stains caused by chemotherapy, choose a light color that can help to camouflage these imperfections.

Be mindful of your polish remover:

Avoid using acetone-based nail polish remover, it can be harsh on your nails. Instead, look for a non-toxic, acetone-free remover that will be gentler on the nails.

It’s also worth noting that, during chemo treatment, some patients may not be able to use nail polish at all due to their weakened immune system, or other side effects. Always consult with your doctor before using any new products on your nails, and if you have any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, choosing the best nail products for chemotherapy patients can be a bit tricky, but by considering the above tips, you can help keep your nails looking healthier during treatment.

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