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4 Insanely Stylish Chemo Hats for Small Heads

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Do you have trouble finding the right-sized chemo hat? For ladies with petite heads, it can be harder than it should be to find the right fit.

In fact, having the right size is super important for many reasons:

  • So that cold air doesn’t seep in
  • To keep insulated
  • For added comfort
  • More aesthetically pleasing – hats look better if they are the right fit

No matter your head size, you should be able to find the appropriate size. Hence, this post is to help you choose the most insanely stylish chemo hats for small heads. The styles listed measure about 54-55cm in diameter.

This concise list consists of chemo hats for small heads for different occasions. To sleep, to do exercise, as well as for elegant and casual occasions. Whatever your taste, there is the perfect chemo hat out there to complement your look.


4. Sleep Caps for Chemo Patients

woman wearing grey chemo hat for sleeping

Next, is a sleeping cap that no doubt will improve the quality of your rest. A sleeping cap provides insulation and warmth to the scalp. In essence, performing the role that hair would. Additionally, during warmer nights sleeping caps are a great way to keep cool. This cotton sleep hat stays on your head all night even if you tend to move a lot throughout the night! Additionally, it comes in a range of colors. So, find the perfect tone to match your pajamas!

3. Carolina Black Laurel Crown

black chemo cap with jewel

Third on our list of insanely stylish chemo hats for small heads is Carolina Black Laurel Crown. It is a hassle-free style as it is easy to slip on and doesn’t require any styling. It is the ideal look for an elegant occasion.

2. Yanna White Spiral

woman wearing white chemo cap

Yanna White Spiral is a fresh style. This white chemo cap has a stunning black dots pattern, which is designed beautifully on the scarf and can be styled in so many delightful ways for every day of the week.

1. Primrose

Woman wearing yellow embedded rose detail on soft chemo capprimrose rose embedded chemo cap features

Primrose is a minimalistic style that is available in a variety of different colors. The design features a flower motif with stitched edging. In addition, it is made from high-quality cotton, as with all our products it comes with a removable tag and no stitches inside the hat.

To check out more petite styles we have compiled a longer list: Chemo Hats for Small Heads

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