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Guide on Washing Chemo Hats

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In this short guide, we will give you tips and tricks on how to wash your chemo hats without damaging them. Read on for chemo hat washing instructions.

How to Wash Your Chemo Hats

To ensure your chemo headwear remains in top condition, follow these steps for both hand washing and machine washing methods.

how to wash chemo hats

Hand Washing Your Chemo Hats

Hand washing is a gentle method that allows you to maintain better control over the washing process, ensuring your chemo hats are treated with utmost care.

  1. Fill a basin or sink with cold water.
  2. Add a small amount of gentle fabric softener to the water.
  3. Submerge your chemo hat in the solution and gently rub it, paying attention to any stained or soiled areas.
  4. After gently washing, rinse the headwear thoroughly with cold water to remove any soap residue.
  5. Avoid twisting or squeezing the fabric, as this can damage the delicate fibers.

Machine Washing Your Chemo Hats

If you prefer using a washing machine, follow these steps to ensure a safe and effective cleaning process for your chemo headwear.

  1. Place your chemo hat in the machine.
  2. Use a cold cycle on your washing machine to avoid any potential shrinkage or damage to the fabric.
  3. Add a small amount of gentle fabric softener to the machine to help maintain the softness of the headwear.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, promptly remove the chemo hat from the machine to prevent wrinkles from setting in.

Drying Your Chemo Hats

Properly drying your chemo headwear is important in order to prevent damage and maintain its shape. Here’s how you can ensure optimal drying:

  1. After washing, gently shake off any excess water from the hat.
  2. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as this can damage the delicate fibers.
  3. Instead, let the chemo hat air dry on a clean, flat surface or a hanger.

Using a Steamer to Remove Wrinkles

Wrinkles can occasionally appear on your chemo headwear after washing. To remove them effectively without causing any harm to the fabric, consider using a steamer.

A steamer provides a gentle and efficient way to remove wrinkles and keep your chemo hats looking fresh and neat. Hold the steamer a few inches away from the fabric and move it in a sweeping motion to smoothen out any creases. Always refer to the steamer’s instructions to ensure safe usage.

Utilizing a Mannequin Head for Maximum Longevity (Optional)

If you want to take extra care of your chemo hats, consider using a mannequin head for storage and display.

A mannequin head helps maintain the shape and structure of your chemo headwear. When not in use, place the hat gently on the mannequin head to preserve its form and prevent any distortion. While optional, this practice can significantly extend the lifespan of your chemo hats.


Q: Can I machine wash my chemo hats without a laundry bag?

A: Yes. While machine washing is generally safe, using a mesh laundry bag provides an added layer of protection against snagging and stretching, especially for delicate fabrics.

Q: Can I use regular laundry detergent for washing my chemo headwear?

A: It is best to avoid regular laundry detergents as they might contain harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate fibers of your chemo hats. Opt for a gentle fabric softener instead.

Q: How often should I wash my chemo hats?

A: The frequency of washing depends on how often you wear your chemo hats and the level of sweat and dirt accumulation.

Q: Is it essential to store my chemo hats on a mannequin head?

A: While using a mannequin head is optional, it can help maintain the shape and longevity of your chemo hats.

Q: Can chemo hats be hand washed?

A: Yes, hand washing is perfectly fine. It is up to you whether you want to hand wash or use a washing machine.


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