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How To Pass Time During Chemotherapy: 7 Tips

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There are limited ways to pass time during chemo when bed-bound. Amid life’s adversities, finding solace becomes paramount. At Masumi, we understand the challenges that come with difficult times, especially during medical treatments like chemotherapy. Our mission is to provide valuable insights into discovering meaningful distractions to enhance the quality of life during such periods.

Embracing Hobbies as Therapeutic Distractions


1) Drawing and Creative Arts

Chemotherapy can be emotionally taxing, making it crucial to explore therapeutic outlets. Engaging in creative arts like painting, drawing, or sculpting can provide a profound emotional release. Expressing oneself through art not only serves as a distraction but also fosters a therapeutic connection between the mind and body.

2) Reading

A well-crafted story has the power to transport the mind to different realms. Reading offers an immersive escape, making it an ideal distraction during chemotherapy sessions. Dive into captivating novels.

3) Journaling/Blogging

Chemotherapy and treatment are not just physically difficult, they are also mentally difficult. Patients can have such bottled-up feelings that they can’t talk about them adequately even with their closest friends and members of the family. This is where journaling or blogging can become useful. Use the time you have while taking chemo to write down your feelings and explore your emotions. You may understand better how you feel and where you stand when you write your thoughts down which may have a catharsis effect.

4) Solo or Multiplayer Board Games & Puzzles

Card games, Sudoku, board games, and similar activities are great for chemotherapy, they can be played solo or with your caretakers.


5) Connecting with Others Going Through Similar Journeys

The power of community should not be underestimated during challenging times. It may be very helpful to talk to people who are going through the same tribulations. Establishing connections with individuals facing similar struggles can be a source of strength and understanding. Online forums, support groups, or local community gatherings create spaces for shared experiences and mutual support.

6) Movies and TV Shows


Bring your laptop and your charger and catch up on your favorite shows.

7) Get some sleep

If you don’t feel like doing any of the above, it’s totally okay. Chemotherapy is taxing. Just lay your head back and get some well-needed rest. Even if you don’t manage to fall asleep it will allow your body and mind to get some rest.

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Navigating the challenges of chemotherapy requires a multifaceted approach, and at Masumi, we believe in empowering individuals through meaningful distractions. Whether it’s the therapeutic embrace of creative arts, the mindfulness gained from meditation, the invigoration of physical activities, or the strength found in a supportive community, our aim is to guide you toward discovering profound moments of joy and distraction during these trying times.

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