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Can I use nailpolish during Chemo?

Wondering if nailpolish is safe to use for chemo patients? This expression is used to describe the damage chemotherapy can have on nails, but don't worry! This effect is only…

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Where to Donate Hats For Cancer Patients

Looking for where to donate your old hats to cancer patients? Here is a list of charities and organizations in the USA and the UK which offer this service. Some…

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What is the best fabric for Chemo Headwear?

Thinning and hair loss are usual adverse effects of chemotherapy. Despite the variety of head covers that can be worn to conceal hair loss, not all of them are ideal.…

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October is Breast cancer awareness month [2022]

What is breast cancer awareness month about? Did you know that Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide? Every October, the majority of breast cancer organizations host…

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Alopecia Awareness Month: September [2023]

September is alopecia awareness month! Each year the alopecia community comes together to lift each other up. If you are not sure about what alopecia is, September is the time…

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