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October 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We hear from a special lady who was diagnosed earlier this year.

October each year is known globally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is that time of year when the colour pink and the signature pink ribbon symbol begin making appearances and sports challenges are completed in aid of various Breast Cancer charities.

In the UK Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer, which is why here at Masumi we passionately believe that education surrounding breast cancer should be encouraged, including prevention methods such as implementing the routine of checking for lumps and as well as for any noticeable changes.

More often it is women over the age of 50 who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer although younger women can also be affected.

For those of you experiencing hair-loss from breast cancer, we understand that selecting suitable head attire can be tiresome and tricky. Sometimes you may want to rock your natural scalp, whereas in others you may prefer wearing a wig or headscarf.

A stunning headscarf is an attractive, practical and comfortable option for those days when putting on a wig simply just doesn’t appeal to you which is what our customer Helen discovered this earlier this year.

Helen’s Story

In February 2019 Helen received the devastating news that she had Breast Cancer and would need chemotherapy. As is the case with many people, her long hair had defined her for many years, therefore the idea of losing it was understandably very daunting. To her surprise she coped well and rather than becoming a wig user, she discovered headscarves and fell in love with Masumi’s Daisy design.

Here is what Helen had to say:

“The cotton cap is so soft and comfortable and the attached scarf allows for at least 6 different styles. Versatility and comfort all in one beautiful headwear.”

As pictured, Helen shows us two gorgeous looks that can be recreated using Daisy by Masumi Headwear.



Instilling confidence by means of our stunning products is what we are tremendously passionate about, as well as connecting to our wonderful customers. If you have a story similar to Helen’s, we would love to hear from you and share your story! So do not hesitate to get in touch. You may email us at [email protected] or catch us on facebook and instagram.

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