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Buy now pay later Wigs & Headwear | Klarna wigs

Buy now pay later for wigs, headwear and all our products.

At Masumi Headwear, you can now purchase wigs, headwear and pay later or in instalments! 

With Klarna customers have the option to pay later, giving our shoppers 14 or 30 days from order shipment to pay for their products or pay in 3 equal interest-free instalments!

How it works: Buy now pay later/pay monthly Wigs & Headwear

1) Add the product or products you desire to basket

2) Click proceed to check out 

3) In the section where you enter your payment info look for “pay later in 30 days” or “3 interest-free instalments” option by Klarna.

buy now pay later wigs klarna


And that’s it! You don’t have to enter card details and make a payment if you chose the pay later option. You now have flexible payment options. You can buy wigs or headwear now, see if you are happy with your purchase and pay later!  Or have the option to pay in 3 interest-free instalments!

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FAQs about Klarna: Buy now Pay Later or Pay Monthly

How do I make the payment?

Buy now pay later: Whether you bought wigs or chemo hats or any product if you chose to pay later you will receive an e-mail from Klarna with the details of your purchase. Follow through with the instructions of the e-mail to make the payment, you can choose to pay before the due date if you want to.  You will be alerted via email by Klarna 2-3 days before your payment date.

Do I need a Klarna account? 

A Klarna account is not required for pay later or in instalments options.

Do I get charged if my payment is late?

No. Both buy now pay later and pay in 3 instalments options are interest-free.

Will Klarna impact my credit score?

Klarna makes a soft credit check on customers but this does not affect your credit score, it does not leave a record on your credit score nor is it visible to lenders.

Still have questions? Live chat with us!

We have a live chat option on our site. Look for the chatbox demonstrated below on the bottom right of any of our page.

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