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How To Pass Time During Chemotherapy: 7 Tips

There are limited ways to pass time during chemo when bed-bound. Amid life's adversities, finding solace becomes paramount. At Masumi, we understand the challenges that come with difficult times, especially…

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Can You Dye Your Hair During Chemo

Introduction A brief overview of chemotherapy and its effects on hair. Can Chemo Patients Dye Their Hair? Exploring the common concerns and misconceptions. Safety Considerations for Hair Coloring During Chemo…

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What Items Should I Bring to Chemotherapy?

Introduction Chemotherapy can be a daunting experience for anyone. It's a challenging journey filled with uncertainty and discomfort. As you prepare for your chemotherapy sessions, it's essential to ensure you…

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Maximizing Sun Enjoyment During Cancer Treatment

In the journey of battling cancer, maintaining a positive outlook and quality of life is paramount. Cancer treatments can be physically and emotionally taxing, but it's essential to find ways…

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Guide on Washing Chemo Hats

In this short guide, we will give you tips and tricks on how to wash your chemo hats without damaging them. Read on for chemo hat washing instructions. How to…

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Fun Activities for Chemo Patients

Chemotherapy is a crucial part of cancer treatment that often takes a toll on patients' physical and emotional well-being. It is important to recognize the significance of fun activities during…

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