Whether you’re looking for a guide to help you pick your next chemo headwear or you’re buying for someone else, we will cover the important factors so that you can make a better choice!

#1 Comfort and Size

Comfort is one of the topmost important things you are looking for if the person has lost their hair entirely. Functionality trumps looks in this regard because the scalp can be sensitive to rough material and stitching. Look for seamless designs the stitching can feel rough on the scalp. Our designs have no seams inside of the chemo hats.

Luckily the overwhelming majority of chemo hats are made with soft material, knowing customers need for softness. However, not all fabric is the same while some may be soft they may be soft but they may not keep the head cool or warm during different weather conditions.

Size can only be an issue if the wearer has a smaller head if that’s you don’t worry! We have compiled all our chemotherapy headwear available in small sizes in the Petit Size category for you. The average head size is around 54-57cm/21.25-22.5 which is the measurements of the caps we have if your measurements are smaller than that then the petit size is appropriate for you.

#2 Fabric Choice

Bamboo Fabric in Chemo Headwear is an excellent choice

What makes bamboo fabric a good choice is that aside from being lightweight and soft on the scalp, it also has thermal properties. In cold weather, it will keep the wearer warm and in warm weather, it will regulate heat and keep the scalp cool. We have previously written about what makes bamboo fabric ideal for chemo hats if you’d like more information on bamboo fabric.

If you are looking for something less costly silk headwear is also a solid choice. Silk is also soft and coSmfortable but lacks the thermal properties of bamboo fabric.

#3 Style

This applies more if you are buying chemo headwear for somebody else. Perhaps they like to keep active and would find a use for exercise hats for hair loss. Pay attention to what they normally wear. Is it minimal or do they prefer something more eye-catching?

chemo cap with detachable scarf yanna yellow royal blue



Did somebody say eye-catching? Yanna Yellow Royal Blue – one of our flashier designs



Woman wearing Chemo hat with textured layers.



Mia – For those who prefer a more minimalist look



Seasonal choices

To make your choice easier you may buy something that could help with the weather conditions.

Winter: For example during the cold, winter chemo hats could be of use.

Summer: Sunwear hats can be more favourable

All seasons: Bamboo hats can be worn all year round.


Still unsure?

We hope our chemo headwear buying guide has been useful. If you are not sure what headpiece to buy, a simple chemo sleeping cap is almost guaranteed to be of use. It keeps the wearer’s head warm at night and is made of soft comfortable material and is a great basic choice for everybody!


If you would like more advice and guidance feel free to chat with us on our live chat! We would be enlightened to offer our expertise in everything chemo hat and wig related!


Much love from
Masumi Headwear ♛


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