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15 Cute Hats for Chemo Patients

In this list we have compiled 15 of our cute hats for chemo patients. For ladies experiencing hair loss, it’s convenient to have attractive headwear to rely on. For instance,…

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Why does my head itch when I wear a Beanie?

Hats and headwear are proving to be ever more popular in the hair-loss community. No doubt, they are a wonderful way to express styles. For most ladies, wearing trendy designs…

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Best Chemo Hats for Winter

Unfortunately, all but 1% of people undergoing chemo will lose their hair. So, unless part of that slim minority, most patients find ways to cover their scalp. In fact, a…

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Top Reasons Why You Should Wear a Sleep Cap

There are many benefits to using a nightcap for sleeping. In fact, it serves a different purpose depending on your circumstances. For example, a night cap for hair can keep…

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Best Chemo Night Caps for Sleeping

Are you currently looking for a chemo cap? When searching for a hair cover for sleep, you may feel overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Hence, we are here to…

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Can I Wear a Head Scarf to the Gym?

As a headwear specialist, there is one question we hear from our customers time and time again. It is, “Can I wear a head scarf to the gym?” As it…

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