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Choosing the right Chemo Headwear for You

Looking for the perfect chemo headwear can be a difficult job. You want something which provides comfort and the perfect coverage but still helps you look fabulous.

Chemo headwear by Masumi is the perfect way to achieve this delicate balance. With a range of beautiful, high-quality chemotherapy headwear, Masumi Headwear uses the softest materials on the market, including organic bamboo and delicate super soft cotton, you can rest assured your head is getting the VIP treatment, whilst looking great at the same time.


Let’s be honest, a chemo cap doesn’t sound like the most glamorous item in your closet. But why shouldn’t it be?

Masumi Headwear has styles suitable for all seasons, our aim is to help you feel your best and step outside each and every morning oozing the confidence you should. With so many different collections, ranging from bright to pastel, classic to vibrant, and plain to versatile style such as our favourite style Yanna, with so many different patterns, it is easier than ever to look and feel fabulous.

Switch it up with fun, outgoing yellows with our silly line styles such as Primrose to make the most of the summer, or look glamorous for those special occasions with our luxury style such as Jewel or Diamond. Our range of headwear for chemo even includes activewear to keep an active life as exercising during chemotherapy can help boost the immune system and ease side effects such as fatigue and nausea.


Did you know, when you have chemotherapy as a side effect you may get hot flashes or night sweats?

One of the features of our bamboo chemo hats is that it adjusts to the temperature of the body, so when you get hot, it cools you down and warms you up when you are cold. As well as that all our headwear has been made with two layers to cover the stitching inside the cap for the extra comfort.

Explore the full range to find your perfect fit and when you’ve chosen your favourites, don’t forget to share your style with #MyMasumi, to inspire us and many others!

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