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New Customisable Yanna Collection is Selling Fast!

When you are out buying clothes and you find a top you love, the first thing you always want to know is “How many colours do they sell this in and is it ok if I buy them all?” And it is no different when it comes to chemo scarves.

That temptation to “buy just one more” is always on our minds, especially when a new colour or pattern comes out. 

So to make life easier for you, we are now selling our amazing Yanna chemo scarves separately so you can swap and choose which scarf you would like to attach onto your Yanna chemo hat.

Check out this video featuring our favourite styles:


We have a wide range of scarf patterns and colours and if you really want you can pick a different chemo scarf for each day of the week. 

Whether you are buying Masumi for chemo headwear, a fashion statement or for religious purposes, it’s always nice to have as many options as possible. 

Even if you are buying Masumi headwear after chemotherapy or to cover alopecia, we still want you to feel fashionable, beautiful and free to wear whatever colour or pattern you would like for your chemo scarf. 

It is also a great way to ensure you always have a headscarf to match your outfit!

So check out our chemo scarf range and treat yourself to the patterns/colours you love.

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