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How to choose the right Chemo Headscarf (Style Guide!)

Wondering how to choose a chemo headscarf that feels just right for you? Picking the perfect chemo headscarf colour can be a tricky task and more often than not you will end up with tonnes of headscarves you just don’t use or like. So, shopping with some handy tips and tricks in mind can not only save you time and money but it can also relieve some of the stress shopping can sometimes cause. Let’s get right into it!


How to choose the chemo headscarf for you!


Think about your complexion

Complexion is a big factor when considering which colours will suit you best. Your complexion can often change when going through cancer treatments and it can be confusing when your favourite colours to wear suddenly don’t suit you anymore.

Some tips to remember is to not be afraid to go bold in colour and to experiment with different shades. For paler skin tones, try a deep red or a royal blue, these will complement your skin beautifully and will make any outfit stand out! Our favourites include the Iris headscarf in Navy and our Jewel hat in the colour Red golden flower.

For those of you who consider yourselves as medium skin coloured you have a huge flexibility when it comes to colour as it is unlikely anything will wash you out. Earthy tones on your skin type will help keep that warmth in your face and more pastel colours will work great for you in spring and summer. You can even bring in that colour pop for when you are feeling something bright and fun, plus you can match your lip colour to your headscarf to pull the look all together. Try giving our Lola headscarf in the colour brown a try!

For darker skin tones why not try some more fluorescent colours, such as a bright pink, yellow or orange. These colours are really going to showcase your amazing skin tone, bring out your eyes and add a stunning splash of colour to any outfit. Why not take a look at our Veronica headscarf in Pink as this would work great for you!

For more day to day colours, try out earthy tones that will suit any outfit and still emphasise your naturally beautiful warm glow.


How To Choose a Chemo Headscarf style for Your Eye Colour


Eye colour is important too!

I always feel like eyes are the most amazing feature a person has, whether blue, green-brown or grey, eyes can express so much wisdom, emotion and depth. In fact, one of the most common attributes that people look at first is the eyes, so why not choose a headscarf colour that will emphasise these gems even more?

When picking the right colour for your eyes it is all about contrast. Pick the colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your eyes. For example, people with green and hazel eyes should choose pinks and purples as these will help create the best contrast. A red tone will also work really well with these eye colours. Check out our Yanna scarf in Ivory Flora or our Louise style in the colour Red.

For blue eyes, try rich brown shades that will warm up the eye. Anything with a red or orange base to it will work, either way, the more bronze the better!

Brown-eyed people, you are in luck! Pretty much any colour will make your eyes pop as you are considered natural on the colour wheel. So, choose any colours other than browns and blacks and you are guaranteed to look amazing!


Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Even though picking the correct headscarf colour for you may seem like the tiniest thing in the world right now, it can actually be extremely empowering. By being bold, choosing the colour you want, without doubt, can be very self-empowering and it can inspire so many people around you.

A headscarf may not be a big deal to some people, but for others, it can take a huge amount of confidence to wear one but the key to solving this is by empowering everyone. Even if it means trying out tonnes of different colours, styles and materials, to find a headscarf that you love, it is all worth it at the end of the day when you can proudly look in the mirror and say “I look beautiful.


So, if you are unsure, afraid or simply confused, then remember that we are here to help, no matter how big or small the problem, we want your headscarf shopping experience to be the best it can be. More details can be found in our How to care for headwear & headscarves guide.

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