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Masumi Headwear Celebrating their 4th birthday! 

Masumi Headwear is officially 4 years old and what an amazing journey it has been! 

From a simple idea that started at home about how to help those affected with hair loss to an established brand that has worked with the likes of The ChristiesTeenage cancer trust, and NHS. We have expanded to supply headwear to many hospitals throughout the UK and our products are now worn worldwide, including Europe, America, New Zealand, and Australia. 

All these amazing things that have happened over the last 4 years are all down to our loyal customers, a lot of hard work, and a passion to want to make a difference to people’s lives.

Ali Nowroozi, CEO of Masumi Headwear said: “Someone told me the other day what a great business I have and that one day they see me as being very rich, I laughed and said money is never been our motivation… 

“Seeing our customers leaving a review thanking us for helping them at this difficult time to find their identity, that motivates me. When I have the opportunity to teach our young interns and students about business and give them valuable skills for their future, then that motivates me and when our amazing partners who work with us over and over again say they do it because they love what we do…that motivates me.”

So from everyone at the Masumi team, we would like to thank you for being part of this amazing journey so far and we can’t wait for you to see the new heights we will take Masumi in the upcoming years! 

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