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Reusable Mouth-Nose Mask + 1 FREE Filter

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Organic Cotton Cloth Reusable Mouth-Nose Mask + 1 FREE Filter

  • Comfortable adjustable earloop
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Has a filter slot
  • Comes with a free filter
  • You can choose between Floral Design and Light Turquoise
  • We cannot accept returns on Face Masks due to the nature of the current COVID-19 situation, to protect our customers.

Reusable masks that cover the mouth and the nose are here! The covers are washable and reusable. They feel light, soft, and super comfortable. Plus, allow breathing with ease.

There are two cloth face mask styles available. Choose from a light turquoise look. Or, a colorful contemporary pattern with subtle black outlines. Also, the white background further highlights its designs. Elastic on the sides loops over the ears. This element ensures the masks fit snugly, leaving no gaps. Inside the face masks, there is a paper pad. Which, in turn, adds an extra layer of protection. Thus, it prevents the virus from entering via the nose or mouth. The face-masks protect from small particles such as pollen and dust. Also, from bacteria, smog, passive smoking, haze, and vehicle exhaust.

Our masks are built to cover the mouth and nose effectively come with a free mask pad.

It has two different designs; Flower patterned and Turquoise. The filter can be inserted into the slot within the mask. The cloth face mask is washable and re-usable, it is recommended that you change the filter after extended use to ensure maximum hygiene. Please have a look at the CDC information for the most accurate information on how to keep yourself safe!

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