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This chemo sleep cap is made from soft cotton with seamless inner lining. It is lightweight, breathable and moisture-absorbent, ensuring you get the most comfortable sleep. This hair cap is designed for sleeping, for women experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemo, or autoimmune conditions such as alopecia. Due to its breathable fabric and lightweight design, it will assist a great night’s sleep. Securing the comfortable and hassle-free rest we all need. Chemo sleeping caps can be a great tool in assisting rest throughout the night. They regulate the temperature throughout the night making sure that you are never too cold or too hot, creating an ideal temperature to sleep in. If you’re looking for soft headwear, here you can browse our collection made of bamboo fabric  (Please note the Bamboo collection aren’t sleeping hats).

NEW! Available in six stunning colours

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  1. Karen Sweeting

    Really pleased with the fit of the sleep hat that I have purchased. Lovely material so soft 👍👍

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