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Hats for cancer patients – Rosalind

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Hats for cancer patients – Rosalind style from Silky line collection by Masumi Headwear is the perfect choice for fashionable women living with hair loss. The innovative unique stylish design of Rosalind makes this look very chic and the style is in a way that it looks like has volume. This beautiful headwear is made from softest most elegant fabrics, with special qualities, giving you that silky soft feel, at the same time keeping you warm and comfy.

The Rosalind style comes in an array of colours, perfect for coordinating with a range of outfits. Dynamic colours like ‘Nude’, ‘Blue Sky’ and ‘Red Rose’ speak of picnics in the park and days out with friends, whereas gentle chic colours like ‘Noir’, ‘Camel’ and ‘Navy’ are perfectly suited to elegant social functions or nights in with that special someone.

Material: 95% Silky Touch Cotton 5% Spandex

Size: Average


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Latest Reviews

  1. Julie Todd (verified owner)

    Lovely chic design which is very flattering as well as being comfortable. Excellent customer service, packaging and swift delivery. Perfect thanks!

  2. Sarah Webster

    Beautiful hat which are very important to chemotherapy patients. I love the array of colours in style Rosalind, made with luxurious material. Quick delivery and packaging that adds class and thoughtfulness.
    Thank you for putting a smile of my mums face. xxxxxx

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