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Funky chemo headwear – Emerald color Green Leaf


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Funky Chemo Headwear – Emerald Green Leaf. 

Masumi headwear is proud to introduce another new luxury style, in collaboration with Mireya Villarreal from Pink Pewter. Pink Pewter’s hair accessories and jewelry are world-renowned and worn by many celebrities in the beauty community.

Funky Chemo Headwear ‘Emerald color Green Leaf’ headwear is made from the softest double-layer cotton hat and beautifully styled and perfectly placed silver, green and golden beads, which together form a shape of a leaf, making this headwear an elegant choice for every day and evening wear. This extremely comfortable and fashionable hat will help you to rediscover the former stylish, confident you.

Material: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex with jewellery decorations

Size: Average


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