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Bamboo hats for cancer patients – Yanna Black Blush Fiori

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Yanna Black Blush Fiori

  • 95% Breathable Bamboo Fabric, 5% Spandex
  • Comes with a detachable hair scarf
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Temperature regulating, keeps warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather
  • One size fits all: 54-57cm/21.25-22.5 inches.
  • Hidden elastic strip at the back allows for size flexibility and a secure fit
  • No seams inside – perfect for women with sensitive scalp
  • Double layered
  • Doesn’t put pressure on ears

Latest Reviews

  1. Andrew Woodland

    Very good service – good delivery – good product. Yanna style is so versatile and can be styled in so many ways.

    Happy Customer

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