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Summer Hat Guide for Women: Our 4 Tips for Fashionable Sun Hats

Summer is finally here!!! So we decided to compile our top tips in a guide for summer hats.

This warmer weather always involves spending more time outdoors. The cloudless skies and pleasing heat is perfect for eating al fresco. So, picnics and BBQ’s become a popular social pastime.

Yet, for people with hair loss, this weather change may also bring with it a sense of anxiousness. This is due to increased sun exposure. People with hair loss experience increased sensitivity to the sun. In fact, some chemotherapy treatment has this side-effect. So, to be able to enjoy the sun, it is important to take various precautions.

One of which includes using sun wear that is suitable for hair loss. It is possible that you’re a long-term wig wearer so feel used to the heat. But, you may find sun wear to be a more comfortable option to wigs.

An exposed scalp can burn very fast. Thus, it is important to protect and use appropriate sun wear, designed for hair loss. Your sun wear should cater to people with hair loss from alopecia, cancer or chemotherapy. Below are specific features to look out for when selecting your sun wear.

Summer Hat Guide: Our 4 Tips!


  1. Choose the right material
  2. Removable inner tags are the best thing since sliced bread
  3.  The wider the better (brim)
  4. The darker the better (colour)


1. Choose the right material

Always select soft relieving fabrics like linen. Or, choose natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton. These are essential to appropriate sun wear. For instance, an inner bamboo layer will do wonders for your scalp. Additionally, some styles now offer innovative UPF sun protection (Ultra Violet Protection Factor). The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends it. This feature provides UVA and UVB protection. It is opposed to SPF sun cream, which generally only gives UVB protection. Aim for the highest UPF sun protection, 50+ offers excellent UV protection. In other words, it blocks 98% of UV where the fabric covers the head.

2. Removable inner tags are the best thing since sliced bread

Removable interior tags offer added relief to sensitive scalps. This feature ensures you don’t experience an uncomfortable, itchy sensation.

3. The wider the better (brim)

The benefit of a wide-brim provides valuable protection to your face and neck. Plus, cool shade and welcome respite. Besides, it creates an elegant look.

4. The darker the better (colour)

According to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, dark and vivid colours offer more protection. So, they absorb more UV than light and pale tones. Thus, fewer rays reach your skin.

Final pointers

As well as appropriate sun wear, make sure to:


  • Use water-resistant high-factor sun cream. Lather often. It is important to remain cautious all year round. Even on cloudy days, you should wear skin protection.


  • Keep hydrated, H2O is your best friend! Aim to drink more in the heat due to increased sweating.


  • Pair your look with UV protected sunglasses. Not only will this benefit you, but you will also look like a Hollywood movie star!


  • Wear your sun wear with loose-fitting clothes and cover up using long, light fabrics.


  • Additionally, avoid being outside during the hottest hours of the day to minimise the sun’s UV damage. This is generally between 10 am-4 pm.

Lola Black Scarlet Florenza – Black Sun Hat (Scarf Attached)

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lola black summer hat with scarflola summer hat with scarf attached


  • Linen fabric + inner bamboo layer + UPF 50+
  • Removable inner tags
  • Wide brim
  • Dark colour

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