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How To Choose A Wig for your Face Shape

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Wondering how to choose a wig for your face shape?
The first thing you will want to do is determine what shape your face is.
The best way to do this is to look at your face in the mirror and see whether your jawline is rounded, pointy, square or oval. If you are not sure, find a photograph of yourself and trace around your face shape using tracing paper, then see which shape matches your face the best


Oval – If your face is an oval shape you are in luck! Due to your face being evenly balanced in proportion, most styles would suit you. Wigs that bring out your features rather than covering your facial structure will look best
Round – If you have a more rounded face then something that has a side parting rather than a centre parting will look best. Also, look for wigs that bring in a bit of height and volume around the crown as this will help balance out your face shape. Longer hair will help elongate your face more, whilst a short swept-back style will help compliment your face shape
keira wig how to choose a wig for your face
Keira wig by Ellen Wille – A style suitable for rounder faces
Heart shapeLonger styles are best for those of you who have a heart-shaped face. Anything chin-length and below will help draw your eye across the length of your face. Whilst light fringe and a side parting will soften those more pronounced features. If you want to go for a bolder look, try a shorter cut that holds more weight around the back nape area. This will bring out your sharper features, giving you that gorgeous chiseled look. 
SquareA wig with a bit of a curl or slight wave to it will look best on a square face shape. Keep the length around shoulder length and below, unless you want to go for a shorter cut, with a dramatic side parting. Often tucking one side of your hair behind your ear will accentuate that amazing jawline of yours. Yet, if you want to soften this shape, try something more whispy with lots of layers. Long – Styles that are shoulder length or short will help minimise a longer face shape, drawing the attention back up to your features. A side parting with layers or soft wispy bangs will compliment you a lot. Anything that adds volume to the width of your face will help balance out your geometric face shape.
We hope that this short guide will help you with choosing a wig that brings out your best features! For a visual guide on how to pick a wig for your face shape, you can have a look at the video below;


You can visit our wigs section and go down to the “filter by” to take a look at the category of wigs you would like to wear based on your face shape.

choosing the right wig for your face shape

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