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Wig Care Guide: Do’s and Don’ts

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For those of you who have already picked out and bought your synthetic wigs then you might be wondering how to keep care of it so it stays looking stunning for as long as possible. 

Well don’t fear as we have a quick wig care guide on how to care for your wigs





  • Make sure to handle your wig with care at all times, remember it is a delicate product.
  • Just like normal hair you want to make sure you always brush your wigs to detangle any knots before washing it. We recommend using a wig brush as it is super gentle but works wonders on those pesky knots.
  • When the time comes to shampoo and condition your wig, make sure to use products that are specifically formulated for wig fibres to avoid damaging your wig. Ellen Wille has an amazing range of wig care shampoos and conditions which are specially designed to keep your wig in top shape. A visual guide to washing wigs can be found here
  • Air dry your wig by hanging it somewhere where it won’t fall or become misshapen, the best thing to use is a wig form or a wig tree.

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  • It’s important not to wring out your synthetic wig or try and towel dry it, be gentle and patient with it instead. You can dab it dry to speed up the process but make sure to use a gentle cloth or old t-shirt instead of a towel.
  • Generally, when caring for your wig, do not use hair dryers unless your wig is heat resistant.
  • Don’t brush the wig when it is wet as this could cause the wig to lose its original style and shape.
  • Don’t put your wig near any heat. It’s important to keep your wig away from any heat sources such as BBQs, hairdryers, straighteners, etc.
  • Don’t sleep in your wig as it will cause damage to the fibers and may lose its structure from the friction of you moving throughout the night.  

Most importantly we want you to have fun with your new wig and enjoy it for as long as possible. So if you follow our handy quick guide on how to care for your wig, you will ensure you get the best out of your wig!

Feel free to browse our wig accessories page for more products that can help enhance your wigs. Have a look at product descriptions for more specific information on each individual product. If you haven’t seen one yet and are wondering which high-quality wig style to pick then have a read of our handy guide for picking a wig for your face shape

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