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How To Get Rid of the Shine on a Synthetic Wig

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  1. This article will give you the quickest, simplest ways tips on how to get rid of the shine on synthetic wigs
  2. Each wig colour reacts differently, we will guide you on the effects the methods have on different coloured wigs


How to get rid of the shine on a synthetic wig

One problem with synthetic wigs is that they tend to have an unnatural shine when under direct light. This shine in synthetic hair is not the same kind shine we are used to seeing in human hair, mostly in shampoo advertisements. Synthetic hair can shine in a way that gives away that it is a wig. With time the shine on faux hair can be too much.

But the good news is there are multiple ways you can use to remove the shine from a synthetic wig. Most of these can be done using products that can be found almost everywhere! Without further due, let’s show you how to take the shine out of a wig!

You can remove the shine of a synthetic wig using;

Dry Shampoo

Baby Powder (or talc powder)

Wash & Dry

Dry Shampoo:  

One of the easiest methods is to simply spray dry shampoo on to your synthetic wig and brush down the wig. This will also add more volume and texture to your wig.

Baby/Talc Powder

Baby/Talc Powder:  Be careful not to use too much powder as this can damage the synthetic wig. Lightly dust in the powder and work your way through the hair. This is, however, dependant on the colour of your wig.

Blonde synthetic wigs: The powder method works best on synthetic blonde wigs. This will give your synthetic wigs a nice matte finish. You will be astonished at how much of a difference this makes! It works pretty well for blonde colours!

Red/Auburn synthetic wigs: Brighter and darker colours of red/auburn the wig will still gain the matte finish but the colours will look a little more dulled while the powder is on.

Black synthetic wigs: For shades of black use the powder sparingly even more so than you would for other colours, as too much powder may change the original colour of the black wig.

Using powder on colours other than blonde may take away from the vibrance of the wigs colour while the powder is still on the wig.

Wash & Dry

Washing and drying the wig sure takes time but this is the surefire way to get the best results while increasing the lifespan of your wig. What better way to remove the shine on your wig than to use the shampoos and conditioners that were specially designed to be used on synthetic wigs?

Synthetic wig care set includes a shampoo and a conditioner specially tailored for synthetic wigs, complete with a synthetic wig hair spray and hair balm.

synthetic wig care set

This will be the least taxing method if you have time to dry your wigs.

Disclaimer: MOST synthetic wigs are damaged by heat so do not blow dry them unless you know they are heat resistant. Instead, simply leave your synthetic wigs out to dry.

You can use wig stands made for various different lengths of wigs to leave your wigs to dry. Make sure to choose your desired length on the product page;

If you prefer less artificial shine on your wigs you may also like our guide on buying tips for Remy human hair


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