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Chemo Headwear Trends for Style & Comfort

Undergoing chemotherapy can be a challenging journey, impacting not just one’s health but also their self-esteem and personal style. However, with advancements in headwear designs, those experiencing hair loss can…

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How To Pass Time During Chemotherapy: 7 Tips

There are limited ways to pass time during chemo when bed-bound. Amid life's adversities, finding solace becomes paramount. At Masumi, we understand the challenges that come with difficult times, especially…

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Can You Dye Your Hair During Chemo

Introduction A brief overview of chemotherapy and its effects on hair. Can Chemo Patients Dye Their Hair? Exploring the common concerns and misconceptions. Safety Considerations for Hair Colouring During Chemo…

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What Items Should I Bring to Chemotherapy?

Introduction Chemotherapy can be a daunting experience for anyone. It's a challenging journey filled with uncertainty and discomfort. As you prepare for your chemotherapy sessions, it's essential to ensure you…

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