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At Masumi Headwear, we take great care to produce headwear in an ethical manner. Hence, this starts with sourcing the finest materials, such as organic bamboo. Not only is it kind to the planet, but it feels super soft on the scalp. In fact, harvesting bamboo is carried out by making clean cuts, thus, allowing new shoots to grow. These stalks get cut into bamboo chips, which soak in an organic solution. The soaking transforms the bamboo chips to a pulp-like state. To dry, this is made into sheets. Finally, these get spun into bamboo fiber. We also use bamboo, as it offers many unique benefits to ladies with hair loss. For instance, the fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable, and provides insulation. Plus, it has antiperspirant properties. The bamboo fiber also adjusts the temperature of the skin. So, it keeps you warm on cold days and cools in the heat. Furthermore, bamboo headwear provides users with protection from the sun.


Our factories have many credentials and certificates. For one, they are Sedex certified. So, they are an ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible manufacturer. They are also Oeko-Tex certified. It means that our complete supply chain uses safe production processes. Thus, no harmful chemicals are used in production. Our factories are a class 1 manufacturer. Hence, our products are SAFE for sensitive skin, including newborn children. Plus, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. Achieving ISO 9001:2015 means that the organization demonstrated the following:


  • Follows the guidelines of the ISO 9001 standards
  • Fulfils its own requirements
  • Meets customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Maintains documentation

Additionally, we are a VEGAN, Peta-approved manufacturer. Furthermore, our factories are an all-women team. We are working towards women’s employment and empowerment.

We bear our customers in mind throughout the entire manufacturing process. For instance, we ensure that our product measurements completely conceal the visible hairline. The headwear is sewn by hand, and for added comfort, we use double-layering techniques. Masumi Headwear products feature seamless interiors to avoid irritating. The Italian Masumi scarves are designed by us

and then printed in Italy. This elegant touch makes Yanna our most popular style as there are plenty of looks for everyone! We recently introduced biodegradable packaging along with resealable and reusable mailbags. These are all part of our long term commitment at Masumi Headwear to become a greener and more ecological company as a whole.

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